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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

March 28, 2022

Spring Collection 2022 - Budget Friendly Miniature DIY Canister labels, FREE Planner & Idea Project Printable

Spring collection in miniature-  Don't you love looking at Baking Centers in kitchens? I love looking at the. Spring decorated ones, with pretty pastel bowls, pretty canisters, baking casserole dishes, cookie sprinkles in pretty jars...I love all of it. So I used that idea to create new miniature labels which you can get in my Ribbonwood Cottage etsy shop. They are fun, inexpensive and a great way to fill up those miniature kitchen shelves and cupboards. 

Spring colors.

Pretty little kitchen linens- I folded pretty fabric to represent kitchen linens and towels in this shabby cupboard.
Canister labels are available in my shop. Print, cut and adhere to little jars- 
I filled these with salt to give them a look of a filled canister-

Hand painted dishes and bowls- hand made polymer clay carrots and cookies…. And so you see the little bunny below?

I filled the cupboard with dishes and pots and pans. I absolutely love little bunnies.

I love making little things. 

So I have a notebook. A planner actually that I add papers to and take out-

Pages of ideas, seasonal ideas, holiday ideas. Miniature ideas and projects for ebooks-

I love planners and  I’ve been using a planner for just ideas, and patterns I’ve made, going to make, directions, measurements- and more. It’s enormous and it got me thinking  I need to create a printable for a crafters/creator/ designer where ideas can be written down, sketched, directions and instructions! So I’m working on that- 

So I have a new printable shop on Instagram and Etsy- @cottagechicprintables and it is printables and templates for small business creators. I’m loving all the designing!

When  I start with an idea,  I write notes, the original thought and then sketch…  

This is a rough sketch and all my ideas so I can be reminded what I was thinking- Because now I am printing out the Project and Idea Workbook planner I created for my Project Planner that you can print out soon, because it is available in my Etsy shop - April 10th 2022. But today you can access the free printable below. And start making a plan for  your projects! Get it out of your head and down on paper. Then start accomplishing, creating and making!

I have been creating planner printables, social media templates on Camva, and pattern templates.  It seemed that since I’ve learned some easier ways to create patterns it might be good to create a step by step guide and workbook for others to help them make their own digital pattern! It took me months to create my first digital pattern. So I’ve put together all my tips and techniques and created a pattern template so others could make their own cross stitch, sewing, jewelry making or woodworking pattern. Those are just a few ideas for people to make their own pattern.  

How about you? Are you a list maker? I’d love to hear!

I am now an affiliate for Canva before that even became a thing! I create all my patterns and miniature decorating ebooks that are on Amazon (Kindle), created in Canva. 

I love using it mostly because it is easy for us tech challenged people!

So for you I created a free template for you to try. If you don't have a Free Canva account it is easy- Sign up!

You can find your free Project, Idea & Workbook Planner Page. The page is white background.


If you check out Canva and want to sign up with Canva for an account (FREE or PRO) 

click HERE. 

I used the free account until I needed to upgrade for my patterns. I needed them to look professional, so I upgraded. And it was cost friendly to my fledgling budget. It still is.

I decided this. year to learn all I could about making things. Digital workbooks, Business templates, patterns. And if I can't figure something out, write down notes on what I do know. And then watch videos explaining how to do things! Haha I watch a lot of training videos. I am blonde but don't ever want to be dumb.

My son once said "Mom quit crying about not knowing how to do things, and just learn how." That made a huge difference. So my goal this year, and every year for the rest of my life is "Just learn how."

Do more! Accomplish great things. Start learning how.


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March 24, 2022

Cross stitching

Do you love to stitch? I do I love it! After dinner and when we finally sit down I get to cross stitch. It helps me wind down from work (hospice) and it helps me sort my thoughts- 

Cross stitch patterns

I wanted to share with you a few seasonal patterns I have made. Always simple to stitch and finish! Let’s stitch something!


March 17, 2022

New Pattern Workbook Template - You can make your own pattern with this!

Have you ever thought about making your own Ebook, digital pattern, guide or instruction booklet to sell in your business?  I recently started working on Pattern Templates so that other crafters, quilters, miniaturists, woodworkers, jewelry makers, polymer clay artist to name a few could have a basic template to use to create their own pattern.

Purchase the Pattern Workbook Template and 25 page Instruction guide here - just click on link.

This all began when a magazine Editor saw some of my pictures of my sewing on Pinterest that someone had added. She asked if I could create a project for the magazine she worked at, and if I could create a pattern!

Panic of major proportions set in, but also determination to create a pattern. I researched, bought books, watched training videos and finally knew I needed to just start creating the pattern. I used an old doll dress pattern to see the wording, the flow of the pattern, the first step, second step, etc. That gave me a game plan. I created the beginning, the middle and the end of the pattern, took pictures, and made my first pattern. I knew I was on to something! Here is the first pattern I created. It took me 6 weeks to create it.

Move ahead many years later, I now love creating patterns and have several hundred I have created and made. When someone asked me how I make a pattern I realized all my tears of frustration might help someone else. Especially if it was simple to use, helpful, and workable.  

So this pattern is the beginning of 4 Pattern Workbook Templates being created. They can be used by anyone doing any craft. 

I then created a step by step guide, 25 pages walking through each step, how to add photos on Canva, edit words, change background colors. The pre made template makes it easy for even a beginner to use. Just add photos, follow my directions for adding text and you can make your own professional looking pattern.

As an added bonus I share each step of uploading your new pattern to Etsy, or a similar web store and how to list it.

**I am a Canva Affiliate, which means if you join Canva for free through my website, I will earn a small commission.

Have you ever wanted to start designing and creating your own pattern?  If you aren’t sure where to start this PATTERN Workbook TEMPLATE can walk you through the basic format of making your own
Professional looking ‘MAKE TO SELL’ pattern. 

*My Pattern Workbook Template has 20 years of experience behind it. I've been creating digital resources for business for 20 years. I knew I wanted to create a resource to be used to create a pattern, workbook or instruction guide that would enhance businesses whether small or one with years of experience.

This Pattern template has simple steps whether a beginner at digital creations and work, to create a professional and finished looking design/pattern/instruction PDF.

CANVA is Free, and it is an extremely easy site to use. There is a gallery where you  upload your photos
then once they've been uploaded you can hold your cursor on the one you choose, and drag it
over to the generic frame on the pre made template I have created -
Add you pictures, your directions, and you will have made your first pattern.

There are 9 template pre made pages for you to start with. I also show you the steps for deleting a page or adding more pages should you need them.

If you want to join Canva for free just click on this link to join now and start designing!

BE SURE TO check out my new Pattern Workbook Template. The template and 25 page Instruction booklet are on sale, and will help you get started designing your pattern!

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March 6, 2022

New Projects

Hey every! I hope you’re doing well. This week has been a roller coaster on the news worldwide.
I remind myself that what man does, isn’t a reflection of Gods goodness. And I am reminded of this scripture Psalm 119:68

We have to keep ourselves steady when there is turmoil- and I have been doing just that. I have been praying for the Ukrainian people.

I’m working on business things. And then giving money to help people in the Ukrainian people. I can’t NOT  do something- so I’m doing what I can do and that is give.

I’ve been steadily making things, creating projects for dollhouse magazines, and then working my day job. I work for Hospice with people all day long. And I’m focused on helping people.

It feels small at times but I know the world is better when good people do all that they can do.  


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March 3, 2022

Little Spring Things-


Shabby Chic Roses -3 ways to add to your little decor

Hey everyone! Read this and then tell me what you decide!  
I remember being upset and telling my college son I couldn’t do a certain computer skill and felt so dumb and other women were blogging, creating successful online businesses…but I just didn’t seem to figure things out and I was so frustrated.

He listened and then said something that changed my focus- he said “ quit crying over not knowing how… and learn how.” He said he would listen to YouTube training videos from Apple or a computer geek site that would step by step walk him through processes.

So I began the tough process of training myself how to do computer things, blogging, painting roses, making things that were beyond my skill level. Slowly. Lots of mistakes- but I started the learning process.

In this post I’ll tell you how to do shabby roses-
Learn to paint them. I learned by watching videos and also the blog Cinderella Moments has a tutorial how to paint little roses. Type in your google search “Cinderella Moments Rose Painting Tutorial “
Absolutely wonderful tutorial too. She’s an amazing miniature maker and I’ve learned a lot from her.❤️

*The first process is painting tiny roses. I painted on paper plates till I felt comfortable about painting on little furniture.

*The second process is sewing fabric that has tiny roses on it. This adds a soft cozy cottage feel to a room big or small.

Lecien fabric- a Japanese quilt fabric that is sold here( do a search on Etsy for Lecien, tiny floral cotton fabric and you’ll see beautiful fabric come up) is affordable since you’re buying a small amount for your project.

I make tablecloths, bedding, pillows, tiny kitchen towels and curtains.

For basic patterns to sew items see patterns in my shop for how to-

Ribbonwoodcottage Ribbonwoodcottage  Etsy shop-

*The last idea is to fussy cut a tiny rose from your beautiful fabric and use either decoupage glue or glue mixed with water( 1/2 glue and 1/2 water) and brush on a pitcher or plate and decoupage the rose to the item.
Smooth to remove any bubbles.
This is simple and pretty -

What would you like to learn how to make or do? I’d love to know in the comments!
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