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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

February 15, 2022

Pretty Little Dresses Pattern and New Template coming

Did you know I started making patterns when I had a few customers ask me how I made things… I remember thinking I should make a pattern. How do I make a pattern? Where do I start? 

Well on February 28th I am releasing new templates, and a guidebook how to simply make a digital pattern. You can use the template to add your photos of your made item with directions and step by step guidelines- 
It can be downloaded and printed if you desire.
I am adding easy to use pages where you add your photos, a direction page that you add your wording and describe your process for making an item. A page that will be where you add the items needed - a supply list. 
This is going to be a basic template and guidebook for making your pattern- sewing, cross stitch, crochet, miniature items, etc.

“I decided this year I’m going to learn how to do things I don’t know how to make. Stretch myself. Quit saying I just don’t know how…. And learn how.”
I’ve been watch YouTube training videos how to make miniature food. 

And as a believer I also ask God to help me understand things, figure out things, see what I need to see and understand what I need to understand.

I can’t wait to share with you what I’m creating and finishing up.

Also as I walk you through pattern digital design I’m also giving you my techniques for how I make patterns, walking you through the basic steps and pages of creating your own work without all the stress and hassle I experienced. Oh and tears. Did I mention tears… “ I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel so dumb!” Yes this was me trying to figure out how to make my first cross stitch pattern. Buying and reading tons of how to guides and feeling absolutely overwhelmed because I didn’t know the steps. Now I do and I’m going to walk you through the simple process and help you make your pattern! #growingyourskill #patternmaking #patternmakimgtemplate #digital #digitalpattern #february28 #thatsmybirthday #newday #helpsupportoneanother #smallbusiness #patterncreator #digitalpatternmaking #yourpattern #mytemplate #winwin #supportwomeninbusiness #bossbabe#ribbonwoodcottage 

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