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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

March 21, 2021

Painting and Sewing Shabby style

 Hey friends! I’ve been missing blogging and chatting. 

I just wanted to come on and share some photos of things I’ve seen, painted or made.  I usually work on little paintings and miniatures fir a couple weeks...

Then I take a day and start early and put things together for photos. The projects are usually theme or season oriented. 

Well that’s it! I hope your weekend has been lovely ❤️ 

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March 1, 2021

Free Labels for you and Sewing Room Pictures and Ideas

Hey everyone!~
These tags are for you. Print and cut out and use to label craft containers.

When organizing crafts the best way is to organize like items together.
Like thread, trims, lace, snaps, fasteners, measuring tapes, needles, etc.

For a long time I organized with baskets and beautiful containers...then after two flood catastrophes, I moved what was recovered into plastic containers for the most part. Cute stuff is still in baskets up on shelves, and fabric storage is in larger plastic tubs with lids. I label and tag.

I also keep the things I use the most nearby so that it is easily accessed when sewing or creating.

I am presently in the process of moving my sewing room 

but here are so older pictures of my sewing area. I used quite a few baskets, and an armoire for some of the fabric. I have a lot of fabric!

This is my first ever magazine article picture. The editor wanted a picture of the dollhouse I had used for pictures while listing my miniatures for Etsy. This is several years ago, about 10. I didn't have a dollhouse. I had never had a dollhouse! I purchased my first one when I was 50 from a Marine soldier who was being deployed with his wife, and their daughter had grown and didn't need the dollhouse anymore. Wow!

This was such a special purchase for me. And it was $100. It was empty and I began collecting furniture to put inside of it. 
I also have containers that I have labeled and put dollhouse furniture in. Fabric is separated into colors and I keep the fabric I am using presently on little shelves. The bigger collections of fabric are kept in labeled containers.

All you need to do is tap on the labels. When they open up right click to save to your phone, computer or device.  When you open them again, you can print them out onto paper. You can print out on card stock or full sheet sticker adhesive paper.  Cut and  attach and use on containers. Organize your supplies quickly by putting like things together. You can even go so far, to alphabetize in order. your containers so that you can find things quicker.
I often use plastic shoe boxes to store items and then stack for a neat pulled together look. I also store the stacked shoe boxes under tables and then add a table cloth so that all that plastic doesn't show. I use plastic but I don't have it at eye love to look at all the time.

So those are a few of my tips. Be sure to see my other posts this week. There are many more labels being offered for fun little crafts.

Debbie Booth
PS I am in the midst of packing of my older sewing room and moving it to a newer area where I can work, spread out, and have all my miniatures and sewing supplies in one room. When I finish I will share all the details with you and lots of pictures!


February 27, 2021

Free Miniature Spring Labels and Vintage Art and Budget Friendly Miniature Decorating Ideas

 Hey everyone! One thing I am loving is Vintage spring and Easter art. I love the graphics and use them in my own home. I also love reducing them and using them for dollhouse wall decor amongst other things. 

Today I want to give you the latest page of printables I made. They are also for sale in my Ribbonwood Cottage Etsy shop but I want you to have them for free so you can try them in your little miniature world.

Keep reading;.....

When creating a project (for a magazine - Ribbonwood Cottage 
is in American Miniaturist Magazine this month) 
I love to make a collection.
Whether for a kitchen or bedroom. I also like to create or put together 
printables that I then use for art, decoupage projects, kitchen labels for jars and canisters. 
These labels are from my shabby cottage collection.
Tap on image and when it opens on your device, right click to save to your device. Then later, open it and PRINT.  You can also reduce the image in your printing settings by 30% and make the labels even smaller before printing if you need them smaller.

Use a small brush to add decoupage liquid to the front of jar, and then add label, smooth with fingers to remove any bubbles. Let dry.
You can also cut a small circle of foil, about the size of a nickel  for a small jar. Add a dot of glue to the jar sides or top(I add the cork that comes with the jar) then place foil on top and fold edges over sides. Trim with tiny scissors if there is excess foil hanging down.

If this is for your personal use, fill canisters with cocoa powder for the Hot cocoa mix or brownie mix.  If it is for the canisters that will say flour, sugar, baking powder, etc. then use salt. Salt doesn't deteriorate and is safe to use, and it is great for using in little canisters.

Cut to fit your glass jar, canister, or miniature item.
Use decoupage glue to adhere to the miniature item.

I made several labels over the holidays for winter, the Christmas cabin, Christmas vintage art decor. I turned it into a printable. It is very simple once purchased to click on the link and when it opens you can print it on white copier paper or card stock. Making little labels is actually easier on copier paper. I am giving you the latest printable I made. It is also for sale in my Etsy shop, but I thought it would be fun if you could try it and see what I am talking about! I will share pictures of what I used the labels for.

Click on image, when it opens, right click and click on the option to save. Save to your device. Once saved, open again and print on copy paper. Copy paper is thin and perfect for decoupaging to little jars.

If you would like to order printed copies I have a new listing of 3 pages of printable, labels, spring art, kitchen and canister labels already printed for you to purchase. 
Found HERE

Here are my latest labels that I created. I added some vintage spring art. Vintage bunnies, and vintage scenes are so fun to add to a miniature scene for a seasonal addition.

The following photos are of different miniature scenes where I have added little jars or canisters or items with decoupaged labels or vintage art. 

I hope you enjoy my little gift to you. I would love to see pictures too of your completed items you make with these labels. 


Debbie Booth

Ribbonwood Cottage