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December 4, 2020

Christmas Shelves in the Kitchen

Kitchen Shelf Styling
Hey everyone! Slowly decorating in the kitchen and loving it. Layering dishes, and handmade items with tiny store bought trees....
I love little things so it is fun decorating with little things- 
little houses, trees, dollhouse furniture and wool felt ornaments/little pillows in my kitchen. I have never been a minimalist, with one large floral arrangement and calling it a day.
For some reason.....lots of little things gets my creativity going.

When decorating the shelves, I stagger things, front, somethings towards the back. Different heights for things....so not everything is the same height on each shelf. Then I try to add coordinating colors. 

The mustard gold flowers in a small pitcher tie in with the stitchery pattern I created that has gold in it as well. I often move things around, here and there till I get the look I like.
Pattern available HERE

Do you do that?

Little sewing projects are always fun too. I like taking a ziplock style bag with stitching in it. Little scissors, a hoop with fabric, and wool applique pieces waiting to be stitched on. This month especially is fun sewing and stitching.

In fact....I lay in bed at night designing new stitchery patterns, miniature quilts, cross stitch designs. I think because I lay down and my brain starts to settle from all the To Do items on my list, once I settle down, the creative part of my brain wakes up!

I have a new pattern series all about vintage aprons and baking. Some of my new ideas for patterns include:
Aprons and Fresh Baked Pie
Aprons and Hot Cocoa
Aprons and Christmas Cupcakes
Aprons and Cakes
Aprons and Fresh Baked Bread
Sketching and designing is fun for me...Then I had the idea to have a miniature recipe card be in the pocket of every apron!
Each pattern will have tiny printable recipe cards available in the patterns to print out, cut and place in the apron pocket! I love this!

The Fresh Baked Pie Wool felt pattern below is on my favorite red metal toy oven I bought years ago. It makes me so happy.

Now on to finishing up Christmas. It is a very sweet time for our family. We are so grateful and happy to be having Christmas together.

Blessings to you All!


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