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December 2, 2020

Christmas cookie real and miniature decorating fail

 Funny charcuterie board story- the sugar cookies were baked and frosting was made- we organized the grandkids with sugar cookies and all different colors of frosting and Christmas-sprinkles, it looked like personal charcuterie boards- .... I turn around after explaining how we are going to decorate the cookies for Christmas and before you know it they’re eating everything!! 

Real frosting vs fake frosting- real frosting gets tasted every other cookies and fake frosting is gooey but tastes awful!
Fake miniature frosting above-

Rolling out the dough

The little guy in the high chair needed milk to wash down all the cookies and frosting! He thought it was really dessert time not cookie decorating time....

I managed to make a few little cookies during all this commotion! They’re little iced Christmas trees on the cake plate.

 So Cookie decorating changed courses.... grandma said ok enough cookie eating/decorating/sampling.... they were on their 5th cookie, frosting on their faces, I picked everything up and moved it away before we had tummy aches and mom gets mad.... epic grandmother fail 😂😂😂😂  I knew it would be messy but really!

Cookies above are made by the now famous Kim Saulter @kimsminibakery. She is an amazing miniature artist.
In the miniature kitchen canisters are being filled, little bowls are ready for stirring and mixing...
Kim has a book showing how to make little miniature bakery treats- found here @ https://www.blurb.com/b/9309934-sweet-mini-baking

Step by step directions- 

Below is an old miniature bakery board I created for Christmas several years ago. 

Finally a few finished cookies that no one dares eat!  Polymer clay doesn’t taste so good.... ask me how I know!



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