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November 17, 2020

Lovely Little Dolls and Lovely Little Girls!

 Hey everyone! It is a happy day here at Ribbonwood Cottage. Our granddaughter gets to come home today from  the Ronald McDonald House, where she received a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia. The treatment has been successful and we are very hopeful! She has been gone a long time and now gets to come home with her brothers and mom and dad. They've lived with us while she has been having treatment. We kept our grandsons while mom and dad went back and forth for her cancer treatment.

And we get to be together with these kiddos and our son and his amazing wife for Thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for. Our seasons seem to have good and rough at the same time, and we are choosing to focus on the good, the blessings, and for life. We are so grateful for life.

Our granddaughter Emma Joy loves to play with grandma's dollhouses. And miniatures!

The ones I set up and take down for pictures for projects, ebook publications and magazine articles. She loves the little furniture. And it is because of her I created these smaller felt baby dolls and all their doll essentials so she could play with a baby doll (her favorite kind of doll) in the dollhouse furniture. 

And here is another granddaughter! This is Annie Marie, my youngest granddaughter. She helped take photos of the new little baby dolls I had made. These dolls are made from a new pattern I just created "Lovely Little Dolls".

I asked her to put the bottle in the baby's mouth for a picture.

The pattern includes a baby doll blanket, diaper bag, diaper, wipes container and wipes, and nightgown/dress. All things baby doll!

The little baby dolls were made using several colors of felt, and the clothing was so simple because it didn't need to be hemmed. I loved that part! I also bought little baby doll bottles off of Etsy and Ebay. I wanted to put them in the pockets of the diaper bag. They fit perfectly and the girls had a blast playing with them.
This is my other granddaughter Kathie Rose,  and she enjoyed putting the dolls in the diaper bag, taking them out and changing their diapers!
Well and then this happened....Annie thought if the bottle is good for the doll, it might be good for her too!

                                                                            Pattern HERE

It is fun having little dolls and doll clothes everywhere. it is a sweet season that just doesn't last long enough!


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