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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

October 30, 2020

Fall Creations and a Quick Look at New 2020 Fall Ebook on sale!

 Hey there! How are you doing today?  I am doing good. We have had quite a busy month. Our granddaughter  has had a bone marrow transplant at Rady's Childrens hospital in San Diego and we have been driving back and forth to wave at her from outside her window. With Covid we aren't able to visit, or hug her.  But it has been worth it. Also our son and his two boys are across the street staying at the Ronald McDonald house. We take cookies, toys and treats down to them. It is a sweet time that we are grateful for. Grateful for recovery.

I have been home working feverishly on some new projects to keep myself busy. Because I am very seasonal theme oriented and project oriented I will work a few days and create 100 things and then take a break because grandkids are in the house...haha and there's not time to do anything then....happy chaos is what it is. I will be making little pumpkin pies using polymer clay, getting ready to bake some creations for my Etsy shop...and things will get knocked on the floor...accidentally, and someone will pick it up and hand it to me...they at least know to do that...but then it is smooshed...so we get done, and make real cookies and hot cocoa and enjoy the season of being little. Little kids. 

I did manage to make a few things before anyone got up in the house. We have grandkids and kids staying with us while our granddaughter has been at the hospital for an extended stay. We were quarantining long before Covid hit because of the Leukemia and the nature of low immunity. So we wore masks before Covid just to keep her safe.

All that to say, I make things before they get up and after they all go down! Big smile.

The pictures below will be in next years Fall DIY book. I try to come up with new
things each year to make. Especially budget friendly miniatures.

Here though I  wanted to share a brief look at my new  Fall Miniature Decorating Ebook for 2020. It’s available in my Etsy shop Ribbonwoodcottage.

I share a bunch of decorating pictures from several fall rooms I’ve decorated. Several were from projects that I sent in to American Miniaturist magazine.


Normally my ebooks sell for $9.99 and up depending on the number of pages and projects but this ebook is on sale from now to the end of November! You can purchase it for $2.99 !

I share some very easy projects including how to make polymer miniature pumpkins!

Purchase a package of white or beige clay. Break off a small amount and work into a ball. Press down with thumb lightly to have a flatter top and bottom surface. When using white or beige clay, chalks can shade the clay many different colors...without it being solid orange or a fake orange color. I didn't want straight orange because I wanted the pumpkins to look shaded.

Use a toothpick to create ridges.  Also use the toothpick to pot a hole in the top.

Using chalks (brown, orange, rust, gold...) I brush lighter colored chalks onto the light clay pumpkin. I start with lighter colors and then go with darker on the top.

I also take a tiny piece of clay and roll it into a small snake. Cut off the top and the bottom, so you have approximately 1/3" of clay. Brush brown chalk on this and use as a stalk. Press down into hole of pumpkin. Use toothpick to press stalk down into pumpkin hole opening.

These are finished photos of different older pumpkins I have made, some I used transparent clay with and they have a more shaded look and less opaque.
I like that they can be used in groups to decorate for fall in a little vignette. They are simple to make, and they are inexpensive to make. These pictures are not in the ebook, it was already completed when I made these pumpkins. But I wanted to share these because I used different shading with them. The one on the left has yellow and green chalks, the center one has orange, rust and gold, and the pumpkin on the lower right uses rust and orange chalks. I also purchased a miniature leaf paper punch. I punched out several leaves in golds, oranges, and rust and scattered them around for fall embellishing on furniture pieces.

Above, the pumpkins on the floor in the basket are those little pumpkin pods you can busy in packages at the store for decorating. They also are very inexpensive.

In the ebook - here are also projects for fall including kitchen decor and a little pumpkin quilt. I try to give a lot of ideas that are budget friendly for creating a table setting, or decorating a miniature kitchen without spending a fortune on little items.

I have so many ideas, I could write hundreds of books and never run out of ideas. This is why I am making these downloadable ebooks...that you can download to your device or tablet, print them out if you want. One gal had hers printed out at Staples which I thought was a great idea. I print mine out so I have a copy. But each season and each year I am creating new content, new little quilts, new kitchen items and fun miniatures...and there is so much someone said why don't you create decorating books for miniaturists. That is what I am doing. Hopefully these little projects inspire people that they can easily make a few little things and it becomes a project that is enjoyable. 

Ebook is now on sale from $10.99 to $2.99! Fall Miniature Decorating Ebook

Every project is simple. If you can't sew, use fabric glue. I promise my projects are simple. 


Debbie Booth

October 1, 2020

Cottage Style Bedding for Miniature Dollhouse Beds-42 Page Ebook and PDF pattern and New Youtube Video

Hey everyone! I am reposting this from 5 years ago today. This says everything about me, what I love, why I started creating miniatures, and the incredible friends and community of miniature artists I have met along the way. Some have become very close friends. 
I am so indebted to my community of friends. They have been amazing friends to me.

5 years ago today I posted and listed my first ever pattern. Just last evening I posted my first ever Youtube video Here @ Debbie Booth Ribbonwood Cottage  

I am excited to share about some wonderful things that have been happening on the Ribbonwood Cottage Home front.
Many of you know a few years ago I quit my  job to stay home and take care of my elderly parents. This necessitated a different job that would allow me to work at home.   I started selling Rodan + Fields which enabled me to work at home and fulfill my dream of working on miniatures, designing and making things to sell. If you ever get approached by a friend who strongly encourages you to jump on their Rodan + Fields team DO IT! It was the best decision I have ever made. 
It has allowed me to work at home and work on my passion, and create all the things I have had stored inside me for a lifetime.

Pattern Available in my Etsy shop. Ribbonwood Cottage
I have had doll companies approach me about selling my items and me creating bedding for their lines. The only problem is they want all rights to my designs.  

I couldn't do it.
That made me look at the next level....a little scary!
When I have looked at countless pictures and magazines of beautiful beds, I just loved the layered look. Crisp white sheets edged in lace, fold back over layers of blankets, comforters and throws....pillows galore....

The key to me was beautiful fabric. After all sheets and pillows are all squares and rectangles so the sewing never seemed difficult to me....but the fabric was very important between pretty....and UGLY!

Cottage Style Bedding for Miniature Dollhouse Beds started out as a couple pictures and line drawings....and now escalated into a full measure comprehensive Ebook PDF pattern. 

It is part book since there are over 20 pages of just color pictures of all the most popular rooms and dollhouse cottage style bedding that I have made. And then there are 20 pages of pictures showing you step by step how to make things.

At 55 I knew I needed a new set of skills to get me where I needed to go....pattern making....marketing the pattern....taking professional pictures...adding a BUY IT NOW button on to my blog...

How do you do all these things? After a lot of reading and researching I have been finding my way. This book helped me the most-"Selling PDF's the easy way here @ http://mypoppet.bigcartel.com/product/selling-pdfs-the-easy-way-an-instructional-guide-to-selling-pdf-patterns-ebooks-and-more Several things I had already done, but she maps out how to do certain things and it was like a road map!

One site that also helped immensely I found here @ https://whileshenaps.com/

Making the pattern was not hard. Taking pictures of every step was not hard. 

How do you tell someone to do what you do?

But I felt that after making bedding and dressing over 250 big and little doll beds I knew a little bit about the subject. 

While this Christmas picture below is indicative of what I make....the entire bedding set, this picture is not in my new book. But how to make this basic look is.

Euro shams, pillowcases with little pillows inside, blankets, ruffled comforters. You just choose the fabric, and I will show you how to make and layer this look!

The pattern is an in depth set of pictures and instructions, very easy I believe, that show you step by step how to make little sheets, pillows, comforters, shams, dust ruffles, mattress, rugs...etc for your little doll bed and room. I have been a seamstress for over 40 years and I have learned a few tricks to make things easier which I share in my new Ebook PDF pattern. 

If you can sew a straight line....you can make everything in this pattern!

Paypal link is in the upper right hand corner to purchase this pattern.