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July 29, 2020

Pie is always a Good Idea

Hey everyone! It is a beautiful day and very hot where we are. We live in the mountains above Palm Springs and we get very hot weather and hot winds. 
Yesterday at work when we left our car thermostat said 120 degrees. Yikes!

Hot enough to bake a pie, haha...yes that hot.
Here is one of the cherry pies in miniature I made. Watching Youtube videos on how to make polymer clay miniature pies is the best way to learn. Practice and keep practicing.
At first I made plain looking pies. They turned out pretty good. But I watched another miniature artist who showed how to make pies where the fruit was bubbling out of the pie and spilling over.
I just loved that so much because that is how my real pies from home always look.

I encourage you if you are interested in making little foods. buy some polymer clay and watch some videos.
Type in "Miniature polymer clay pies" and you'll see several pop up.
Very fun to watch everyone's technique.

Have a great day!

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