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June 15, 2020

Strawberry Fields Miniature Quilt and DIY idea book

Hey everyone I hope you are doing great!  It is very exciting to me to share a new pattern I created called 
Strawberry Fields Miniature Quilt and DIY idea book.

I found a wonderful friend on Instagram named Elizabeth Williams to help me create a pattern- ebook that is more than a pattern but more of a DIY book. So this pattern also has a photo gallery and directions for making the quilt, a kitchen towel and jam jars with strawberry jam labels.

Elizabeth is very good at taking your ideas, pictures, text ideas and putting them together into a professional looking pattern. Her website is here Elizabeth Williams

It seemed like more fun to create a wonderful pattern booklet that had great directions but lots of pictures with several ideas for making miniature rooms with cute accessories.

As a young girl my. mother stirred in me a love for sewing, fabric, hand sewing, quilting and more. It has brought me great enjoyment during my life time. I want the patterns to stir up  a desire in others to create things. That is my reason why!

Paint a little cupboard red...
Strawberry jam jars...I used tweezers to place the jars on the shelves.
The little quilt is one of the easiest I have ever made. It would be great too to use red white and blue fabric for a little patriotic flair. 

From my Farmhouse Miniature Decorating ideas ebook. I try to share how to set a table, and create a dining room. Ideas for stocking and filling up little dollhouse furniture shelves.

We love strawberries at our house, do you? We made strawberry waffles for Mother's Day with homemade whipped cream. Oh my gosh it was so incredible!

I'll give you a hint, I watch Youtube videos when I need to make something specific. I will type in the search bar "Polymer clay miniature food" or "Polymer clay miniature strawberries". Then several videos will come up. I watch, then I practice making things. I end up throwing some stuff away because...well....it just turns out rough or ugly! Haha.

But you have to practice to get good at making things. You have to sew, to get better. It all takes time.  But the good news is if you keep practicing you will get better.

Have a wonderful day!

Debbie Booth

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