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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

June 15, 2020

Strawberry Fields Miniature Quilt and DIY idea book

Hey everyone I hope you are doing great!  It is very exciting to me to share a new pattern I created called 
Strawberry Fields Miniature Quilt and DIY idea book.

I found a wonderful friend on Instagram named Elizabeth Williams to help me create a pattern- ebook that is more than a pattern but more of a DIY book. So this pattern also has a photo gallery and directions for making the quilt, a kitchen towel and jam jars with strawberry jam labels.

Elizabeth is very good at taking your ideas, pictures, text ideas and putting them together into a professional looking pattern. Her website is here Elizabeth Williams

It seemed like more fun to create a wonderful pattern booklet that had great directions but lots of pictures with several ideas for making miniature rooms with cute accessories.

As a young girl my. mother stirred in me a love for sewing, fabric, hand sewing, quilting and more. It has brought me great enjoyment during my life time. I want the patterns to stir up  a desire in others to create things. That is my reason why!

Paint a little cupboard red...
Strawberry jam jars...I used tweezers to place the jars on the shelves.
The little quilt is one of the easiest I have ever made. It would be great too to use red white and blue fabric for a little patriotic flair. 

From my Farmhouse Miniature Decorating ideas ebook. I try to share how to set a table, and create a dining room. Ideas for stocking and filling up little dollhouse furniture shelves.

We love strawberries at our house, do you? We made strawberry waffles for Mother's Day with homemade whipped cream. Oh my gosh it was so incredible!

I'll give you a hint, I watch Youtube videos when I need to make something specific. I will type in the search bar "Polymer clay miniature food" or "Polymer clay miniature strawberries". Then several videos will come up. I watch, then I practice making things. I end up throwing some stuff away because...well....it just turns out rough or ugly! Haha.

But you have to practice to get good at making things. You have to sew, to get better. It all takes time.  But the good news is if you keep practicing you will get better.

Have a wonderful day!

Debbie Booth

June 5, 2020

Tutorial-Ragged Edged Applique-Cherry pillow

Do you have something that just makes you happy?
Sewing kind of lights my rockets so to speak!

I want to share with you a technique I do that is very simple, and is wonderful for teaching younger kids to sew!
Pattern for these little quilts using this technique can be found here

Raw edged applique is sewing around your applique pattern piece a little less than 1/4 inch away from the edge. It of course can be more than this...but talk about easy! 
No turning under your fabric...which I actually enjoy traditional applique...but this is easy and fun.

 On the raggy roses if you sew more than 1/4 of an inch away from the edge it ruffles like a flower petal after it has been washed and dried. Which is exactly what you want.  The pieces are layered from large on the bottom to small on top to form a rose of sorts.
You sew the roses on the square, then when you finish your squares you sew them all together!
 Below is the finished picture. I love how this lap quilt turned out.
 Below is a table runner from my Etsy shop. I love it too. Love the reds, and the spring colors in the fabric.
 Next I did raw applique on felt for some Christmas pillows on our bed. I hated putting these away I just loved how they turned out. I didn't use a pattern, just scribbled out a design on paper of how I wanted them to look.  Scissors and fabric make me happy!
 This is the first ragged edge applique quilt I made.  I think the pattern was French Raggy or Ragged roses. I gave the pattern away so I don't have it anymore...but the pattern picture shows a quilt in pastel shabby fabrics. It is amazing looking.
You can type in raggy rose applique in Google Images and beautiful quilt pictures pop up!

I wanted to make something easy and quick for this tutorial and landed on cherries!
Something small and round for making a cherry pattern piece-Carmex lip balm container!
I drew around it a couple of times to make my pieces.
 Cut the circles out, then decided how big my little background piece was...just a few inches wide.
About 10 x 12 piece of fabric. As you can see I sewed around the cherry pieces...slowly to have more control. No sewing over fingers please! I have done that and it hurts! So pay attention.
Also you want to use thread the color of your pattern piece you are sewing down.
Next I cut two small pieces about 3 inches long of green rick rack for the cherry stems.
When you work with rick rack it frays on the ends so trim it before you sew it to have a clean edge.  Also it can bend by arching it as much as you want.
 Next I cut out a leaf...no pattern...just something that looked like a small leaf. It is easier to start bigger, so cut your leaf large then trim until you have the right size.

Next I cut a piece of thin batting to go behind the stitched piece...I used it to give the piece substance because I wanted to sew some buttons on the piece.

Layer your stitched piece onto the batting and then a larger piece behind it.
 I sewed little red buttons in each corner and attached it to a larger piece of red cotton.  Next I added a ragged edge ruffle to the piece...
 Once that was attached I put the stitched piece right sides together with the back piece, I pinned the ruffle down so it wouldn't get in my way while I was sewing. Nothing more frustrating then sewing the ruffle where it is all wadded up because you stitched it 'wonky' and you have to go back and take out part of your stitching!

June 4, 2020

Americana Theme Miniature Decorating and Blogging Full Circle

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing well. Currently I have been hosting my blog here @ https://ribbonwoodcottage.patternbyetsy.com/blog but I have come back to blogging here and after June 30th the other blog won't be available. I have always loved my blog on blogspot.

However! It was wonderful to me to revisit my original blog here and it has given me renewed love for how I started in this business, and blogging. Do you remember starting your first blog?

This blog has led to incredible friends online I will probably never meet (I'm on the West coast, they are on the East Coast.) However the friendship now spans over 12 years. All because of blogging.

My goal right now is creating LOVELY & DELIGHTFUL things.  Years ago I focused on the scripture Philippians 4:8 that basically said to keep your thoughts on good things, purposeful things and things that were lovely. It seemed to resonate with me. I am a ministers daughter and I have been in ministry most of my life and wasn't quite sure where miniatures fit in my life!

Yet I seemed to have this gift of creating things, and I seemed to feel like I came alive while sewing, quilting and creating. So I very simply prayed one day asked God to show me, not a sign, but just something that made sense about what I was making and creating.

And sure enough, I found that scripture and a few others that talked about blessing the work of my hands. I seem to have blessed hands! How about you? Do you like to sew or stitch or make things? There is just something about all of this that gets to me.

 Long story short I enjoy making things and creating patterns that show others how to make things. And simple. That is a key thing for me. Make patterns that are simple for this reason - I learned how to sew (from my mother)

and quilt (from my grandmother), learned how to make polymer clay foods (via Youtube videos). I learned these things from others, but took it and added my flavor to it. This started for me when I was in 3rd grade and my mother taught me to make doll clothes.(Barbie doll clothes). From there I got to choose fabric and my love for fabric collecting (hoarding) began!

Latest summer quilt DIY in June 2020 American Miniaturist Magazine! Yay!

Most of my patterns and decorating ebooks are in my shop. They are downloadable instantly so you can start creating!

 You can learn how to make little strawberries too. I bought polymer clay and watched Youtube videos by countless polymer clay artists and practiced until I made a few that passed the test. The ones that didn't pass the test got thrown away. Sometimes you have to just throw things away!

A few of my patriotic porch  photos from magazine articles years ago.

 Sort of random, but I love making flag pillows. I love looking through Pinterest at ideas and fabric options. I found this little toy red chair, perfect for my 2 year old grandson and I love putting flags and Americana decor around it.

Then I took some of my older quilt pieces from the early 1900's and made little pin cushions. I love those too!

 More strawberries! And chocolate cake. I love cake!

Well that is all for now. I love this little blog of mine that started so many wonderful things for me. Stay tuned. I will be sharing much more as the days unfold!

Blessings my friends.
Debbie Booth