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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

December 31, 2020

Devoting this Coming Year -

 "We devote this coming year to God." While doing my devotions and thinking about the new year I felt like I needed to devote my year to God. While not being able to control what happens I can be in charge of my heart. This year brought some pretty amazing things for our family. Our granddaughter is now cancer free after a brutal year.

We kept our jobs....I am so humbled and grateful for this one thing.

I remember at the end of each year my father would always 

devote time to pray about the New Year. He would get a word 
which was always filled with hope, purpose and meaning. He 
would tell us "we are devoting the coming year to God." It was
just something we did. He didn't look to the news or to the  
present day situation, He looked to God for His direction.
He was always steady. Always focused on what God was saying 
and where God was leading. And He said "we help people."

In my devotions in the morning I have felt stirred to keep myself busy with the important. Helping people at my work (Hospice). And I have many times turned the tv and the news off and found my peace in creating, designing, making and sewing. If I let the news start my day then I am anxious and upset...and the day goes downhill.
I start my day with devotions, reading something encouraging and purposeful. I fill my days rather than letting someone else fill it. I try to give myself an hour to be creative, design, or sew something. This hour on work days is something I look forward to and it just helps me.

Even while I am doing dishes, or feeding grandkids or helping hospice families, I set aside lunch time or some time..for jotting down ideas and projects. It is a little bit of happy inspiration and it works for me because in my heart I am very creative.
Creativity brings me great joy.
So does stitching, cross stitching, embroidery, sewing, and most handwork.

I realized early on in my life I had been blessed with creativity. Now in the midst of a chaotic year, I am keeping myself focused on what is always peaceful and that is working with my hands. For me that is a good place to try and stay.

Meanwhile...our entire family experienced being sick with Covid. We have all had to take time off and rest and get better. During those times we again focused on recovery and getting stronger. 

This is us! There is a baby on the way too! We have 7 grandkids, one angel grand baby, and one baby on the way.

How about you? Your year? Everyone is quick to say it was a terrible year....but those of us who have recovered....are humbly grateful for that one thing. Recovering.

Many friends have passed. There has been loss. There has been sadness. My husband and I in our day jobs work for hospice and we have tended lovingly to broken hearts and families that experience loss. But there is a purpose in it all. Helping people. Helping them navigate through rough waters.

My heart is to make the best of this one life I have been blessed 
with. Happy New Year friends. Many more beautiful days and 
stories are ahead."
Philippians 4:8 "Whatever is lovely....think on these things."

Debbie Booth

December 4, 2020

Christmas Shelves in the Kitchen

Kitchen Shelf Styling
Hey everyone! Slowly decorating in the kitchen and loving it. Layering dishes, and handmade items with tiny store bought trees....
I love little things so it is fun decorating with little things- 
little houses, trees, dollhouse furniture and wool felt ornaments/little pillows in my kitchen. I have never been a minimalist, with one large floral arrangement and calling it a day.
For some reason.....lots of little things gets my creativity going.

When decorating the shelves, I stagger things, front, somethings towards the back. Different heights for things....so not everything is the same height on each shelf. Then I try to add coordinating colors. 

The mustard gold flowers in a small pitcher tie in with the stitchery pattern I created that has gold in it as well. I often move things around, here and there till I get the look I like.
Pattern available HERE

Do you do that?

Little sewing projects are always fun too. I like taking a ziplock style bag with stitching in it. Little scissors, a hoop with fabric, and wool applique pieces waiting to be stitched on. This month especially is fun sewing and stitching.

In fact....I lay in bed at night designing new stitchery patterns, miniature quilts, cross stitch designs. I think because I lay down and my brain starts to settle from all the To Do items on my list, once I settle down, the creative part of my brain wakes up!

I have a new pattern series all about vintage aprons and baking. Some of my new ideas for patterns include:
Aprons and Fresh Baked Pie
Aprons and Hot Cocoa
Aprons and Christmas Cupcakes
Aprons and Cakes
Aprons and Fresh Baked Bread
Sketching and designing is fun for me...Then I had the idea to have a miniature recipe card be in the pocket of every apron!
Each pattern will have tiny printable recipe cards available in the patterns to print out, cut and place in the apron pocket! I love this!

The Fresh Baked Pie Wool felt pattern below is on my favorite red metal toy oven I bought years ago. It makes me so happy.

Now on to finishing up Christmas. It is a very sweet time for our family. We are so grateful and happy to be having Christmas together.

Blessings to you All!


December 2, 2020

Christmas cookie real and miniature decorating fail

 Funny charcuterie board story- the sugar cookies were baked and frosting was made- we organized the grandkids with sugar cookies and all different colors of frosting and Christmas-sprinkles, it looked like personal charcuterie boards- .... I turn around after explaining how we are going to decorate the cookies for Christmas and before you know it they’re eating everything!! 

Real frosting vs fake frosting- real frosting gets tasted every other cookies and fake frosting is gooey but tastes awful!
Fake miniature frosting above-

Rolling out the dough

The little guy in the high chair needed milk to wash down all the cookies and frosting! He thought it was really dessert time not cookie decorating time....

I managed to make a few little cookies during all this commotion! They’re little iced Christmas trees on the cake plate.

 So Cookie decorating changed courses.... grandma said ok enough cookie eating/decorating/sampling.... they were on their 5th cookie, frosting on their faces, I picked everything up and moved it away before we had tummy aches and mom gets mad.... epic grandmother fail 😂😂😂😂  I knew it would be messy but really!

Cookies above are made by the now famous Kim Saulter @kimsminibakery. She is an amazing miniature artist.
In the miniature kitchen canisters are being filled, little bowls are ready for stirring and mixing...
Kim has a book showing how to make little miniature bakery treats- found here @ https://www.blurb.com/b/9309934-sweet-mini-baking

Step by step directions- 

Below is an old miniature bakery board I created for Christmas several years ago. 

Finally a few finished cookies that no one dares eat!  Polymer clay doesn’t taste so good.... ask me how I know!



#bakecookiesandtheywillcome #ribbonwoodcottage #charcuterieboardfail  

November 17, 2020

Lovely Little Dolls and Lovely Little Girls!

 Hey everyone! It is a happy day here at Ribbonwood Cottage. Our granddaughter gets to come home today from  the Ronald McDonald House, where she received a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia. The treatment has been successful and we are very hopeful! She has been gone a long time and now gets to come home with her brothers and mom and dad. They've lived with us while she has been having treatment. We kept our grandsons while mom and dad went back and forth for her cancer treatment.

And we get to be together with these kiddos and our son and his amazing wife for Thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for. Our seasons seem to have good and rough at the same time, and we are choosing to focus on the good, the blessings, and for life. We are so grateful for life.

Our granddaughter Emma Joy loves to play with grandma's dollhouses. And miniatures!

The ones I set up and take down for pictures for projects, ebook publications and magazine articles. She loves the little furniture. And it is because of her I created these smaller felt baby dolls and all their doll essentials so she could play with a baby doll (her favorite kind of doll) in the dollhouse furniture. 

And here is another granddaughter! This is Annie Marie, my youngest granddaughter. She helped take photos of the new little baby dolls I had made. These dolls are made from a new pattern I just created "Lovely Little Dolls".

I asked her to put the bottle in the baby's mouth for a picture.

The pattern includes a baby doll blanket, diaper bag, diaper, wipes container and wipes, and nightgown/dress. All things baby doll!

The little baby dolls were made using several colors of felt, and the clothing was so simple because it didn't need to be hemmed. I loved that part! I also bought little baby doll bottles off of Etsy and Ebay. I wanted to put them in the pockets of the diaper bag. They fit perfectly and the girls had a blast playing with them.
This is my other granddaughter Kathie Rose,  and she enjoyed putting the dolls in the diaper bag, taking them out and changing their diapers!
Well and then this happened....Annie thought if the bottle is good for the doll, it might be good for her too!

                                                                            Pattern HERE

It is fun having little dolls and doll clothes everywhere. it is a sweet season that just doesn't last long enough!


Debbie Booth