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April 14, 2016

Sewing Rooms and a Beautiful Cottage style bed Pincushion

Does anyone besides me like beautiful pincushions? I love them! They are so sweet. I recently made a pattern for a pincushion that looks like a Cottage Style made bed. What do you think?

I use straight pins galore. But I've recently in the last couple of years indulged myself by buying cute straight pins with decorative heads on them! How fun. Why not live a little on the edge!
I found similar ones on Etsy.  They are called Decorative Straight Pins.

I remember my grandmother's sewing area....not quite a room. But a desk with an old Singer sewing machine.....And she had pincushions, the old fashioned kind. She also had lovely glass jars filled with buttons, laces, ribbons, trims, all sorts of decorative items. I was in love. 

 The loveliest memory was a quilt, on a wooden quilt frame in front of a large window. Several ladies in her quilting group would come over and quilt with her while their kids were in school. I was fascinated with this process very early on!

I've even made some sewing hutches in miniature with several of these little items that I remember so well. This room is in miniature, and I believe all these items have sold. But I love the quilts on the wall, the ironing board way in the back of the room with red floral fabric on it. See the little iron with the red handle on the ironing board?
My grandmother also had wooden hutches and chests of drawers filled with beautiful fabric and hand drawn patterns. I wished I had all of those as keepsakes!

 Even miniature sewing machines need a sewing machine cover.

I have seen very detailed pin cushions, and then simple ones like the old fashioned red tomatoes ones that our moms and grandmothers used.

My grandmother had a wonderful round tin with a lid that she kept straight pins in. I loved to look in there. Many of them had colorful heads. My mother just used the plain straight pins, nothing fancy, so I was enamored with my grandmothers wild side, so to speak when it came to straight pins!
Here is another little glimpse of sewing room furniture pieces in miniature I have done. I used fabric from Lori Holt's Line.
Love her fabric.

I found some free patterns online and saved them to my computer. Then I reduced the percentages of the pattern printables to a small percent-5% or 10% I don't remember. Just small enough so it looked right on this hutch. Don't tell the true miniaturists I did that....it is supposed to be exact....and I'm sure it wasn't!

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Delightful memories. They are my inspiration now for many of the patterns you will find in my shop.
Blessings to you all,


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