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January 8, 2016

New Embroidery Patterns and a Free Valentine's Day Design just for you

Hello, glad you came by! I hope you enjoy this Free Valentine Heart Embroidery Pattern I have made for you.
It is quick to embroider, and very easy. Would be great for a mommy and me project if you have some little ones.

My mom taught me how to embroider when I was 4. A simple embroider stitch....an outline  or back stitch. But it is a continuous line. Very very easy.

Designing patterns is one of the things I have been plotting and planning all year long. I primarily make little patterns for dolls and dollhouses, but I have expanded into embroidery.
I think basic stitchery is fun for kids and grown ups alike.

New patterns with a vintage twist.  My husbands grandmother was an avid stitcher. She carried around her famous sewing basket (now mine!) and always had an embroidery project going on. Loved those vintage embroidery patterns.

She loved to embroidery pillowcases and kitchen towels. I loved whatever she made, and I was always grateful for one of her well loved stitched items. Usually stitched on white cotton! Her favorite.  

My Etsy shop -https://www.etsy.com/shop/RibbonwoodCottage is filled with needful things for dolls, dollhouses, doll beds, and other necessities!  I can't believe how much I have loved creating so many things for children all over the world. 

 I am making some new little patterns.
I have created some new Embroidery patterns that are little in scale, simple to embroider, and easy to finish even for a beginner.  My mother taught me how to hand sew and occupy me during church. I loved sewing little Barbie Doll skirts, blankets and pillows. As I grew I also improved in my sewing skills.

Today I am offering a free Embroidery pattern for you to try! It is easy. I promise it really is easy!

For Valentines Day.  Just a quick little something to stitch up for someone special!
Basic Supply list:
small embroidery hoop (3" or 4")
cotton fabric (1/4 yard)
embroidery floss (can be done in any colors, or pinks and reds for Valentine's day.)
pencil for tracing.

Using the pattern I will provide you, trace the hearts onto your cotton fabric. Trace several or trace three.

If you will hover your mouse over this design
then right click, you will have the option to save it.
Click  on it and save it calling it Valentine's heart embroidery pattern....or something like that so you can find it!
Then once it is saved, you can open it, and print it on white copier paper and use it as your pattern.

Center fabric inside hoop.

Thread needle and knot thread.
Using a straight stitch, outline stitch, begin stitching around the lines you have traced.

The outline stitch or straight stitch is very easy. With threaded needle come up through the fabric (A) and go down into the fabric (B) and come out where the needle  point is in the picture below.
 I used a variety of thread colors because I wanted to be able to use the finished design all year long.

 With the end of your thread knotted, come up through the fabric at a starting point.(wherever you want)  Go back down through fabric and make sure the thread stays knotted, or you will just pull thread through over and over again! Hahaha....yes I have done this!

 Using small stitches, outline each heart and the words. Use all the same colored thread or different colors of pinks and reds. 
Once the stitching is finished, take the fabric out of the hoop and press it.  Place fabric back into hoop and tighten hoop. 

Trim around edge of hoop and remove extra fabric.

Tie a cute bow and glue it to the top of the hoop and use for hanging or giving as a gift to your someone special!
Can you imagine if you spray painted the hoop pink? How cute would that be?

If you would like to try some of my embroidery patterns (yes they are SOOOOO easy) come by and take a visit and see them here! 



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