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June 7, 2015

Ribbonwood Cottage Patterns-Storybook Doll Bedding!

Hello everyone!  It is a beautiful day, and we are enjoying some wonderful news! We are going to be having a new grand baby in November, and we are so very excited! I am loving being a Grandmother. Just seems to fit me.

I love making little dolly blankets, beds, doll rooms, dioramas....so even though our grand daughter isn't old enough to enjoy these things, one day she will, and I will be up to the task of making her little dolls whatever they want!

Some interesting things have occurred. I have been approached by two different companies regarding my doll bedding designs. While that is a compliment and wonderful, I am uncomfortable with something in the contracts I have read....about them wanting control over my designs. Hmmmm....I do not like that thought, or the possibility of future designs being under their control.

With that thought in mind, I have been diligently educating myself, and learning to make patterns! What I do is actually very simple...sewing straight lines....lots of sewing. But I try to use pretty fabric.

So the next step seemed to be making patterns, taking pictures, and giving guidelines to someone to be able to make doll bedding using the fabric and designs that they have chosen. Just my directions and navigating them successfully to do it!

I love what I do. My mind is always going 100 miles an hour, and oh the ideas that I have. If I had a staff....yes of several people I could complete all the ideas in my head. I have doll bedding ideas, big people bedding ideas, doll homes, big home tablecloths and table runners that match several country and cottage style dishes, vintage ideas for a fabric line....or fabric lines....rustic and elegant dining room decor ideas....booklets, ebooks, patterns for beginners, and patterns for more mature seamstresses.  I even have an idea book that is the size of a dictionary, I have been writing down my ideas for years.

I have put together a couple of patterns, and have one more almost completed. It just helps a beginner  to sew a basic doll comforter, with lots of pictures and diagrams.  So easy. I learned how to sew doll blankets when I was 9. Nothing amazing, just basic. But I was so proud of myself, so happy, it made me feel happy inside!

The key to sewing a straight line is to sew  a straight line....it is easy....with a little work you can get the hang of it!  Doll bedding is straight lines, from the flat sheet, to the pillow case to the pillow to the comforter. It is a lot of straight sewing. 

 I see some of you shaking your head no. 
I'm the gal in Junior High that took sewing, and sewed her sewing project to the skirt she had on. So when it came time to hold up my project for my teacher to look at....I  held my project up, and my skirt that it was sewn to  and everyone saw my underwear! TRUE STORY!  I was a disaster in sewing in 8th grade, but I learned how to sew a straight line!


I do know what I'm doing I promise.

There are more patterns to come very soon, with ideas, guidelines, fabric choices, and more! Below is the basic pattern I created for making an American Girl Doll or 18" Doll Bedding Set.  The American Girl Doll Company in no way endorses this pattern, or my Etsy business.
The pattern gives basic directions for making a comforter, ruffled pillowcase, and 3 sizes of accent pillows using your choice of fabric.
Well, I'm pretty excited about all of this. 
The pattern can be found here@
 My shop is here if you would like to look around at all the doll goodness I have been working on! 


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