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August 13, 2013

Tablescapes Shabby Cottage Vintage-Miniature

Deciding to get some work done, I started sewing, painting, redecorating....
One of my favorite rooms in my house is the dining room...in my big house. I always have the table set, with a centerpiece....(it keeps hubby from setting down all his mail, farm supplies...You name it!)....
So I had this thought...what if I made a little miniature tablesetting. I've done tablescapes for years with Susan over @ http://betweennapsontheporch.net and decided to try my hand at it, in miniature dollhouse scale.

Sweet little plates, napkins, and dishes with roses...a rooster for a centerpiece. I do this on my own table...so of course it is easy to duplicate in miniature. I added bullion fringe to the tablecloth, and made the red polka dot napkins, slid them through a large red bead that is a napkin ring.  All my favorite things...just in a little way.
While I was working on my tablescapes...I've done several so far...I found a wonderful gal in Canada named Jennifer who makes the most adorable miniature dollhouse flatware!
We are teaming up on Etsy to do a few tablescapes together. She can be found here on her blog
and here on Etsy @
I can't wait. I have ordered a red and white set...and
a set to go with Halloween tables capes! 
A couple of her photos....

Just as soon as I get some pictures together of her flatware and my dishes I will be sure to post the cuteness!

Oh and some wonderful news! 
I am going to be a grandmother! Yay...early spring. Couldn't be happier! They are the couple on the right...our son and his beautiful wife! Woohoo!

 Picture from our daughter's wedding last summer.
So from my farmhouse kitchen to yours....



Unknown said...

Adorable mini table settings.
Congratulations on the happy news!!
I'm going to be a first time Grandma in December. :)

Yolanda Morán said...

Me encanta lo conjuntado que esta todo, precioso.
Un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

Oh so precious, Debbie! this is my second time to just come and look.

Congrats on the new baby! You're going to LOVE being a gramma! ♥

Eva said...

Un blog muy bonito, seguiré tus trabajos. Un saludo, Eva

windypointminiaturesblogspot.com said...

Congratulations on the wonderful news Debbie!!

Thank you for including me in your blog post. I love your blog and am so honoured that you would include me.

Have a wonderful weekend.