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August 21, 2013

Creating and Designing Little Quilts

IN January, I decided on some new traditions. 
Work a little bit more, waste less time, accomplish some things I have always wanted to do! 
One was to create a cottage style dollhouse as a backdrop for selling my miniature bedding and tablescape sets. 
 Aren't those three panels on the left of the little dining room amazing? I ordered those off of Etsy from 
https://www.etsy.com/shop/cinderellamoments She paints the most WONDERFUL little pictures for vignettes, dollhouse, a backdrop for  a shelf and tiny goodies...and her dollhouses are whimsical and things that daydreams are made of. I confess I have ordered a few things from her and intend to order more...(cough, cough, when hubby isn't present)! Hahaha
She has a beautiful blog too @

 I have also sketched out some quilt designs for my little doll beds. I have several orders for those at the moment. Love making them. This is just one of my sketches...
I'm already thinking fall and winter colors for little quilts!

There is a tutorial here if you would like to see how to make this sweet little quilt.

Doll quilts and doll furniture, no matter the size tend to make me happy!
I'm a songwriter professionally and wanted to publish some music, which I am in the process of doing. I am a worship leader at church and our church sings many of the songs I have written...ongoing process though of getting them published! It is a wonderful and glorious feeling to hear your song being sung by others. A bit of heaven here on earth.

Next I wanted to do something from home...since I  have been taking care of my elderly parents. Had to change job scenarios to one that would work. Even though my father passed my mother requires quite a bit of assistance... I needed to do something...that would work...

I love to sew and create and decorate... doll beds, doll quilts, doll houses....doll ovens...
Pillows are often stuffed and hemmed at a Doctor's appointment.
Lab waiting rooms find me hemming a little quilt....
 I especially love Shabby Chic inspired doll bedding, pillows, shams, furniture....oh my the list goes on and on!
Most of this lovely fabric is from
Kerri has wonderful fabric to (drool) look at!

 Ruffles, little rosebuds, tiny bits of lace added to pillows and comforters. Or how about French Country?
 Love little crisp white sheets edged in white lace.....

I decided to put more effort into my Etsy shop doing things I love.
Instead of watching T.V., being on the computer (Pinterest is my weakness)  or thumbing through a magazine...
I decided to sew...and sew...and sew...
It is not replacing a full time job by any means
it is going better than I expected.

My thought was this...
how many things could I create in one year?


Cinderella Moments said...

I love everything! Your style is so whimsical and sweet. I can't wait to get the sheet set and share it and your work on my own blog. You create amazing stuff. And thank God you are there for those of us who don't like sewing too much!
Thanks for the link and those incredibly sweet comments!

priscilla said...

Beautiful doll bedding ! Hope business is fantastic !

Plushpussycat said...

Hi Debbie, I love your mini quilts so much! I recently bought something wonderful from Cinderella Moments too, and I LOVE what I received. Her customer service is amazing, and her shipping is super fast too. I'm so glad you're finding success on Etsy--congrats, and keep having fun! xo Jennifer

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

So sweet. I just can't even imagine it....but I think the little beds are so adorable. Have you thought about monogrammed pillows? I love them regular....I wonder if people would want them for their doll houses?

Beverly said...

Oh my goodness, Debbie. These are incredible. You are so talented.

I hope you will share this with us for Pink Saturday this week.♥

Kerri said...

Such sweetness!! I love everything as it is so adorable!!

Thanks for sharing the post with me!! I love seeing what the fabrics are used for. :)