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June 3, 2013

DIY Miniature Dollhouse Vintage style RAGGED EDGE APPLIQUE Quilt Tutorial

This is a simple little quilt for a dollhouse sized queen bed. 
If you removed one row
of blocks it would fit a twin doll bed.

One thing I love about this technique is that the more it is washed and dried, the more the ragged edge of the flower curls up and looks like a flower petal.

Gather some of your fabrics that you like, little scraps, preferably with some roses
or flowers.
The above picture shows a ragged edged flower that is sewn on burlap for a bunting. That tutorial is here http://ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com/2013/04/diy-shabby-roses-bunting.html
 if you want something a little larger.
Start by cutting or tearing your fabric into 2" squares.
 Next get a quarter, nickel and dime...I thought this was the easiest way to get the size that you need.
 You simply trace 12 of each coin onto your fabric. With the dime though you want to place it directly over the rose, rosebud or center of the flower. 
It is the circle that will show when done.
Cut out your pieces, 12 of each coin, 36 little circles in all...it goes quickly...no groaning about all that cutting!
 Take your 3 size pieces and stack them, largest on the bottom, middle size in the middle, and smallest sized piece on top.
 It is hard to tell, but they are stacked accordingly...
 Now place in the center of your 2" square of fabric (just eyeball it...)
 Now a little less than a 1/4" away from the outside of the inner piece (the dime piece) you will
sew around in a circle...takes about 15 seconds or less.
 Sew all the flower pieces to the 12 blocks. Then you will sew the blocks together, 3 in each row, 4 rows total.

This is what it will look like. Next you want to get it completely wet in the sink, and then throw in the dryer for a few minutes...this starts the ruffled ragged edge part of the flower. 
I did it a few times to get the look I wanted. You will do it once more when the little quilt has been put together.

Next I tore a strip of fabric (tearing is quicker than cutting...I do it quite a bit, but you can cut your strips too.) in a 1" wide strip. This is going to be sewn on all four sides of your finished piece.
I wanted my quilt to be a little bigger, so I cut some more 1" wide strips from another pink and white floral fabric and sewed it to all four sides. So I had 2 different washings on four sides.

After pressing the sashing on all four sides smooth, I laid the piece on  the backing fabric. 

I did not use quilt batting, I have found from making several little quilts, that they do not lay nicely on the dollhouse bed. 

But if you would like to use batting go ahead. It is fine to use it. And will give your finished quilt more of a quilted look.
Pin all four sides down to your backing fabric making sure the right sides are together. Be sure to leave a 2 or 3" opening to turn your quilt right side out when done sewing all four sides together.
Trim excess fabric from the edges and trim a bit of the corner of on all four corners. Once it is turned inside out you will need to use a needle to get your corners to a point. They will lay nicer if the corner has been cut ahead of time.
Next I sewed along the seams for a bit of a quilted look.

Last, I sewed around the perimeter of the quilt, closing the opening, and giving the quilt a finished look. Then I got it wet...and dryed it again in the dryer.
Here you see the little quilt with sheets, pillowcases and an accent pillow.
I love the Shabby/Cottage feel that this sweet quilt has.

I'm off to make some more, in some more color schemes.



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That is just adorable! I love the pretty fabrics you've used. I don't have a doll house...YET...but I have a room full of all sizes of dolls so this would be fun to make! Thanks! Sweet hugs!

Plushpussycat said...

This is so darling, Debbie! I love it! xo Jennifer

elizabeth s said...

Hi Debbie! I too LOVE YOUR MINIATURE QUILT! Not only do I love the fabrics that you have chosen but also the way that you have constructed it. The quilt actually looks Full-sized and perfectly duplicates all of the inherent charm that these country quilts have in abundance. The quilt lays so well on the bed and I would love to try and make one for myself. Thank you so much for the well explained tutorial. Great Work! :D