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June 24, 2013

15 Things you need for a Farmhouse Porch

Necessary items for a porch....
especially a Farmhouse porch....
We have been fixing up our porch, planting flowers and getting things ready for summer, picnics on the porch, swimming, family visits...
It occurred to me there are necessary things for a farmhouse porch....
Flowers are a must...overflowing...spilling out....welcoming visitors with
their colorful and vibrant blooms.
1. Table with chairs, for relaxing and visiting, eating watermelon and drinking ice tea.
2. A tool box filled with blooms, flowers, or suntan lotion.
3. A potting bench or table for potting plants, containers for holding clippers and gardening tools.

4. Garden signs
 5. Spray painted flower boxes and planters

 6. Watering cans...more than one...and spray painted is much better

7. Birdhouses
8. Metal Chairs with metal planters filled with flowers and flags. A rake or shovel is nice....looks like you are doing farmhouse chores
9. Spray painted canning jars...I love the look of enamelware so I spray painted the lids red and the jars white.
 10. Old doors, shutters, windows and shelves.

 11. Vintage bathtub filled with overflowing flowers
12. Vintage wheelbarrow filled with flowers

13. A kitchen hutch filled with dishes and terra cotta pots
 14. Any metal buckets, chairs, pots, pans will do
15. A metal gate at the entrance is always an extra treat

I love these pictures from Pinterest....so many amazing ideas to see.

More ideas for your porch:
.... pillows and soft items to make your visitors comfortable, 
glasses for ice tea, 
baskets filled with sun tan lotion, or bug spray for cool night visitors like mosquitoes. 
A large basket filled with towels for unexpected guests swimming....
Soft lights or candles so that guests can find their way to their cars once the sun has gone down....



Anonymous said...

Lovely! My porch is getting there! ♥

Beverly said...

It all looks just perfect, Debbie. I love everything you have done.

We have missed you at Pink Saturday. I hope you will join us again.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I have some of the things...need to find the rest! I just love porches full of farm house items. Feels so comforting!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love this. YOur porch is wonderful. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

Janice Kay Schaub said...

following you.....will be back to look at these ideas again

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Debbie

Haven't heard form you in awhile - so glad to see this post!

Everything that shared looks and screams country to me!

Love all that you shared today!