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March 28, 2013

Cottage Style Spring Tablescape

Happy Easter first of all.
I wanted to do something reflecting this wonderful season.

The Cross above I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

I'm the worship leader at our church and putting together the music for Easter is always a very special thing for me.
We are doing an incredible song called "The King is Here." It really gets to me.
I thought it would be appropriate to make a sign reflecting the song.
Here is the link on Youtube if you would like to hear it.
The King is Here by Kim Walker Smith.
I play it every morning....
makes me happy....
hope it makes you happy too!
Happy Easter.
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March 27, 2013


Hey everyone, thanks so much for coming by. I've had this post ready but my mom went into the hospital and that changed everything. She is much better and I know navigating life is much more important....
We love Easter and love all that it brings.
We celebrate at church and at home...
ON my shelf I wanted a banner that drew the colors together, so I landed on pink and yellow but you could embellish your banner with any Spring colors you desire.
What you will need
Cream wool felt for back ground....a few squares from the craft store or less than a 1/4 of a yard.
Rick rack ( I chose pink but aqua would be pretty too.)
Yellow fabric for chicks-just a few scraps or a fat quarter
Yellow gingham fabric for the background of the banner.
buttons-I chose buttons that matched the rick rack
orange rick rack- for the beaks(you could use orange felt or fabric too_)
Pink gingham check for the bows(or use ribbon, I used fabric)
small white rick rack for legs
Cut your felt triangles 5" wide and 6" long from top to point. Cut four triangles.

 For the chick pattern, I sketched my own, but looked up on Google and found several that you could use and print out. YOu just need the outline shape of the chick...the rest is very easy!
The best pattern I found was at this link below, but I added a couple cute ones that could be used to for you.


Next using your pattern, cut four chicks out of the yellow fabric.
Pin the 4 chicks to the four triangles, next take a strip of rick rack...about two inches long, fold the strip in half like picture below and pin underneath chicks body. When you sew around the chick you want to make sure you sew across the rick rack which is underneath the chick.

 Next at an angle snip your rick rack for the beak and sew it onto your chick. I used a black sharpie for the little chick's eye. Once this is done Sew your felt triangle onto a larger fabric triangle ( I placed the triangle onto the yellow gingham fabric and  cut around this...eyeballing it, you are not making a quilt so perfection isn't important)After your four triangles have the back ground fabric you are going to link them together with your rick rack. You want at least 6-12" of rick rack left over on each side of your banner for hanging it.
Once your banner is sewn together you are going to embellish it with little bows and buttons.
I took a scrap of pink gingham and cut a long 1" strip and then cut this strip every 3".
You are going to pinch the center of each strip and sew across it to make your bow. Once you have sewn all the strips, you will sew it in between your triangles. There were 3 of these bows.
Add a button to the center of each of your bows.
I also added buttons at the bottom point of the triangles...just for something extra cute!
When you are finished hang it up.
I hung my banner with clear pin tacks onto a shelf in my kitchen.
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Blessings and Happy Easter!

March 18, 2013


HEY everyone! Glad you stopped by for a visit.
Just a few spring things....
Kitchen shelves filled with
some vintage pitchers, melmac dishes, cups and saucers,
a little chick bunting hanging ever so sweetly....

aprons hanging, just waiting to be used on a baking day.
For my birthday my sweet sister in law gave me these Easter egg plates! I love them! She often gets me things for the table. She is wonderful! 
And my cousin up north gave me a gift card to Joann's! Yippe
and of course that meant getting a few spring decorations...you know...to go with the plates. I kind of had to!

Until next time Happy Spring!

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March 17, 2013

DIY Shabby Style Bedding for American Girl Doll

Hey everyone! joining in today with Yvonne at http://www.stonegableblog.com/2013/03/tutorials-tips-and-tidbits-40.html

I promised a DIY for making doll sheet set and pillow for doll beds. You can use this tutorial for the basic info on making doll bedding for any doll bed any size. Bedding is usually 2 to 3 inches longer and wider than the bed.
If you can sew a straight line or even use fabric glue you are all set.
When you get the chance look here
I was featured for my little bunny quilt and pillowcase!

NOW ONTO OUR PROJECT! Don't run...but get your scissors!
   You will need approx. 1/2 yard of fabric.
For the sheet cut a piece that is 18" x 20". Fold over and hem the two sides and bottom of the sheet.

Next you are going to sew the top part of the sheet. For a more finished look follow along....
Press the raw edge under 1/4"
Now press again, but this time fold the top part of the sheet 1" under. Sew along this edge for professional finished look.
Press your finished sheet. If you would like sew a piece of coordinating Rick rack on the top of the sheet an inch from the top edge.

If you press it first, it is much easier to sew...

For the pillow cut or tear your fabric (I used white cotton) into a piece that is 8 1/2" x 12". Fold in half lengthwise -FOLDED IT WILL BE 8 1/2" X 6"- and sew on 3 sides leaving at least a 2 1/2" opening for turning right side out. Turn right side out and stuff with polyester stuffing until full. Sew opening closed.

One thing I do in sewing to help remind myself....I double pin an area...that tells me I am going to stop sewing once I hit the double pins, I lift the needle and move the fabric forward to the next set of double pins, put the needle down in the fabric and start sewing again.

Turn inside out and where the opening is you are now going to start stuffing with polyester fiberfill or some kind of stuffing. I put the stuffing in and move it to the corners first, making sure they are filled good before stuffing the rest of the pillow.

Once it is firmly stuffed, sew your opening closed.

For the pillowcase use matching or coordinating fabric to your sheet. Cut the piece 10" x 7".
You are going to sew one side of the pillowcase....

Before you sew the other side you are going to add a ruffle, lace or fabric to the top edge of your pillowcase. you decide. The ruffle is 2" wide and about 20" long. Fold the strip in half, and gather the raw edge a little bit. You are going to sew this raw edged ruffle to the top of your little pillow case. 

Once the ruffle is sewn on, press it upwards and then pin the open side of the pillow case.

I am in love with this little pillow case! I thought of making some for me! Using the same directions but different dimensions....Why not?  KEEEEUTE~!

Turn inside out and press.

The blanket is made from fleece (Joann's) that you buy by the yard, all you need is a half of a yard. It is 18" x 21". You can hem the edges if you would like on all four sides. I did and it gives it a clean finish!

I hope you enjoy making this for your dolls or for you! I love little bedding that matches the decor of my home...whether I am using it for a vignette or for kids play time, I like that it matches my home style!
You can also see my other tutorial on making doll bedding that is for a french style comforter and sham