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February 20, 2013

DIY-How to Make a Blog Header

How to make a Blog Header or Etsy Banner using graphics instead of a personal picture.
I am by no means a professional, but I will share with you what I have learned.

I made a blog header using Pic Monkey which is completely free.

This is very easy and  I will walk you through it the way I did it.  There may be a different way, but this is what I did and I'm happy with my end result.

Open up Pic Monkey in a new window or a new tab. And a separate window for you to work on your blog. This way you can go back and forth without closing and reopening new windows. 

Save, Save, Save your work as you go.  First of all I found free background paper on scrapbooking sites and saved a gingham check paper background. You will need to find a background paper or print or solid that you like. Save it to your hard drive under a name that you can find it. I have a file called background papers that I save all my backgrounds too. YOu can also save a free chalkboard background if you want to go for this look as well.  Or use your own photo. 

Ok in your new Window that you have opened Pic Monkey click on Edit a Photo...pull up your saved background paper. 
Here is a link for some great background papers.
I saved the pink design from Stampington's free papers.
I uploaded this as my picture to edit.

On the left of your page you will see a list of categories

  • crop
  • rotate
  • exposure
  • colors
  • sharpen
  • resize
To the left of these categories are icons. Pick the bottom one that is shaped as a heart with an arrow through it. Click on it. It represents themes.

Next click on the top box that has hearts in it and it says Sweethearts.
New categories will drop down. Click on the one that says Labels.

There are free labels in the top of this category. The ones below the crown have to be paid for.
Pic MOnkey is wonderful and is worth the membership though.

ONCE it comes up you are going to use your mouse and enlarge it to the size you want. If you want a layered look then this label probably should be the largest...it will be behind the other labels. Look at mine above on my header....I wanted it to be the darkest one to outline the others.

Use your mouse to enlarge it, there should be a box around the label you chose... next center it on your page. 

Then go to the box at the right and click on the color you would like it to be. You can play around and see what you prefer. You can click on the color box several times on different colors, or hold your mouse arrow on it and slide it up and down and the label will change colors as your mouse arrow moves over the different color choices.
If you don't like it, click on the label, a box will surround the label.... press delete and start over....remember you don't have to save it if you don't like it.
This is how the background paper looks with the first label. I chose a darker pink, knowing the next label will be lighter. 
Ok we are going to do the same thing again with another label but we are going to make the next label a little smaller. 
Click on the label you want, it will come up black. 
Enlarge it, change your color and center it on top of your first label. If you don't like it, delete and start over.
 Try different color schemes, different labels, sizes, fonts...it is what you like best.
Next I went back to the themes and went out of Sweethearts into Winterland. 

Click on this (keep in mind you don't have to do what I did, but follow along to see the different options that are available.)

Once you are in Winterland scroll down till you reach Victoriana.
There are four Victorian label options, 
I clicked on the third one over. 

It comes up white. Again you can change the color if you would like.

I clicked on the color box that is usually on the right of the image that you are working on...I clicked on the box that says color 1 and a window with all the color choices comes up...I chose the bottom square on the left (which is FFCCCC) it is a light pink.
Color 2 box I chose white.
You are almost there! Next you can choose another label or go straight to the fonts! To the left of your image and the theme categories are icons. Choose the large P icon and this will take you to fonts.
Choose your font.
I scrolled down and chose Special Elite. Click on your font and go straight up to the empty box above the list of fonts, click in this box. 

It will open up a text box over on your image. 


 Type one word or the name of your blog in this box....enlarge it to the size you want. If it is too many words, delete the box and start over. WHEN YOU ARE TYPING IN THE TEXT BOX, you will have a small box to the right that lets you center your design, change size, change color, use this box and see what you like. If you don't like what you chose, click on your typing, a window around it will appear, click delete and this will remove your typing. 

Start over if you need to...no worries...

Very important, if you click on your typing to remove it
make sure that the window is around your typing and not the entire label...if you click delete this will delete the bigger labels that you have done. So make sure when you click it is around the thing you are working on. 

The way to tell this is to move the box with your mouse arrow....just move it a bit, if the whole label and image moves it is not around your text...you may have to click a couple of times for it to recognize where you are clicking. No worries. Stay patient. You are almost there.
Each line can be the same font or a different font.
The last thing that I did...was to add a little bird.
Go back to your themes and pick Winterland. Scroll down to Aviary and choose a bird if you would like. I clicked on the bird I wanted, then chose the color from the little box that opens up on the right.
I made it the size I wanted, using my computer mouse on the box surrounding the bird to enlarge it or make it smaller. I stood the bird on one of the letters in my Title. 
The last thing I did was to crop it so that the page was square.
You go back to basic edits and crop is the first box you see. Click on it to make the page the size you want. 
When I was finished I saved the entire thing to my computer file that I save all my blogging stuff in.
If you have blogger...go to the dashboard, click on layouts.
Click on Header...edit...remove the image you have and upload your new image!
Click save and check out your new header.
If you have questions! After you have tried all my directions I will be happy to answer or help you along if I can. Just title your email Blog Header so I know what it pertains to.

I sure hope this has helped you at least get started in making a Blog Header or Etsy banner.



Marilyn said...

Oh, this sounds like a good thing. Just skimmed your post, but am sure I can follow the directions and maybe have something new!! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to retire in May at the end of the school year. More time to play outside, clean inside, and park in front of the computer.♥♫

DianeM said...

Thank you so much, I really need this info :) Someday I hope to get a decent blog up and running.
Smiles, DianeM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from Transformation Thursday.

Denise Marie said...

I did it and your instructions are perfect but alas...it is still a puny little header like all the other things I have tried. Yours is huge and has a presence. Must be something with my computer still. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

This looks great. I'm going to try this!! Thanks. :)

Julie Silvederio said...

Hi! You're tutorial is AMAZING! I can't be more thankful. I'm new in blogging and i've been finding a way to learn how to make customized header. THANKS A LOT! :D

Unknown said...

Nice tutorial thanks :)