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February 18, 2013

Decorate Beautifully with Altered Cans

If you can glue paper...this  easy project is for YOU!

Inexpensive and sooo easy.
Grab a can of soup for lunch, eat lunch, wash the can and then let the decorating begin.
 I've used altered cans for many projects and I'm very happy with how they have turned out!
 Here is what you will need!
Empty and clean cans of all sizes...you decide...
hammer, nail, and wire if you want your can to have a handle
scrapbook or wrapping paper
vintage images
paper punches ( I used a 2" round scalloped paper punch-shown below)
hot glue sticks and glue gun
ribbons for bow making
satin rosettes if you want
I also found some small scrapbook items like butterflies and spring images I bought at Michaels for embellishing.
Easter grass...
Below is a spring altered can that I filled with Easter grass and candy.
 The lavender can below has Easter grass and then a small pansy set inside for decorating. After the meal I planted all the pansies.

 I saved cans for some time and then decorated them with aqua and red papers, rick rack and ribbons.
Each can has rick rack in it...stored by color. I went back and glued on a button the same color as the rick rack stored inside the can.
I spray painted a teacup shelf and the measurements are perfect for holding the cans. I found the shelf at a thrift store last year.

First clean your soup cans.

 HAMMER  a nail through the can to make a hole on each side. You do not need to do this but if you want a handle made from wire it is necessary.
you will add the wire handle after the paper is glued on.
Once that was done I got my paper. I measured the can first, then cut the paper to fit.

Run a strip of hot glue the length of your can and then lay your paper on it.  Wrap paper around the can and apply another strip of glue on the other end of the paper. This will keep the paper from coming off the can.  I usually measured the paper so that it overlapped when glued on.
 TRIM EDGE of paper if necessary.
 After the paper covered the can I embellished the tops of the can with rick rack or ribbon.

 Below I added a second piece of paper for contrast, and then added the rick rack, bows, rosettes, butterflies or buttons. I love rick rack...so I tend to over use it!
 I filled cans for Valentine's day and gave them to little ones...
This year I will be making more cans for spring and Easter. I thought it would be an inexpensive way to decorate for our ladies Bible study that we have...maybe fill it with pens, pencils, post it notes, highlighters, mints, paper clips.
Just a little gift to make someone feel special.
Hmmmm...now my mind is racing with more ideas!
How about you?



Crystelle Boutique said...

What a super fun collection of cans. they looks so good together... I bet you LOVE using them!

hugs x

Denise said...

These cans are beautiful.One reason I can tell why they are so beautiful is you do such a perfect job on them.I love them :)

Kim Gillian said...

I love these, what a great idea. I thinking I may have to try these. Cute to make small easter baskets!

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely, Debbie! Your cans are so pretty!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Denise Marie said...

Love them. I am crazy about your huge blog title banner. I WISH i could make mine bigger.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Great idea! I love how yours look all lined up. Perfect for pretty storage.


Anonymous said...

These look so happy! I've wanted to try this but I've wondered about cutting myself on the sharp rim. Have you had any trouble with that? ♥

Karen at Bargain-ista.com said...

Beautiful! They look so good as a group! So cute you could sell them :)