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December 10, 2012

3 Christmas Bedrooms at the Farmhouse

Hey everyone! 
This season I decided to focus on decorating in our bedrooms.....special people will be coming home...and I want them to 'feel' special.
Looking forward to Happy Moments, Wonderful People,
Precious Memories and Good food.
Planning ahead, earlier this year I bought extra sheets, pillows and blankets, mostly whites and creams.
I started cleaning and organizing.
Getting rid of clutter and extra things that ended up under beds and in closets. I wanted the vignettes to be Christmas oriented, not "oh my gosh there's too much CLUTTER" oriented!
I wanted to make the rooms comfortable for family that would be here. I love vintage touches, our lamps are very very old but spray painting them gave them a new look instead of the old worn brass look.
 This is our room...I have to unplug the lights at night they are too bright to sleep with, but I love the soft glow that they add to the room at night.

 Next is the little guest area in my sewing room. It is adorned with a new soft white blanket, my red and white quilt I have had for a few seasons....and a Christmas wreath with a Joy banner I made.
Old vintage shutters back the wall that the bed rests against for a headboard.
The teddy bear I made 20 years ago at Christmas time, one of my favorites.
A tray on the bed has Oreo cookies in the cookie tin (Santa's favorite or so I've heard), and a teapot ready with tea for company.

Last is our daughter's room that is now a guest room, for her and her hubby. Gone are the teenage pictures, soccer medals and awards.  This room got a lot of attention after she left. I  added several pillows, blankets and throws. It gets cold where we live, and we love to snuggle with a soft cuddly blanket when watching tv.  I added little twinkle lights to the bed frame, it looks wonderful at night.

ON the vintage chest (mine from Junior High) is our daughter's flowers drying(dried!) from the wedding, her wedding shoes that sparkle, and a little wedding purse hanging from the knob with Christmas greenery decorating it.

 I just decided that the world looked a little prettier at our house with a little 'SPARKLE' added to it!


Donna said...

I love all three rooms. The lights all look so pretty, and I love the red and white quilt.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

How beautiful Debbie! I would love being a guest in your home. You have rolled out the red carpet of sheer loveliness and each room says your guests are welcomed with open arms.


bettyj said...

Happened upon your blog and must say, the beds look so luxurious, that any guest will feel pampered and welcome. I love them, all 3. Thanks for sharing.

stefanie said...

oh!!! they are beautiful!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Your bedding is gorgeous! I also love that little guest bed with the checkerboard coverlet. So pretty! Teddy bear is cute too. :)

priscilla said...

Your bedrooms look gorgeous decorated for Christmas !

Plumfield House Gardens said...

Beautiful!!! my fav is that little bed in your sewing room, also love the wedding purse with the greens in it!