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November 30, 2012

Christmas Planner -more free printables

If you are going to play...always have a game plan!

I need help and a game plan!  A Christmas planner/notebook is wonderful! I have actually done this for the last few years....I've made planners and used them to remind myself of EVERYTHING!
(free vintage reindeer printable for you.)Open in new window, right click and save to a picture file not a word file on your computer.

http://christmasplanner.com has great ideas, free printables, and good old common sense when it comes to planning Christmas.
My post is here @

And then there are free vintage printables for Christmas if you want a pretty cover or Christmas scene!
Several cute ideas here for making a simple but beautiful Christmas planner @ http://christmasplanner.com/planner-tours (Beware! Too many cute ideas!)
I seem to do much better when I have a plan and how I need to finish certain things by certain times...thus relieving myself of stress the week before December 25th.
We have an enormous family...51 that came just for Thanksgiving.

So planning ahead and making sure I have enough toilet paper for all 5 bathrooms and not having to rush out on Christmas eve to get it seems WISE! And extra Toilet plungers...yes that is important!
Tipnut Junkie planner has plenty of ideas too. 


is to create a notebook of sorts, using page protectors and favorite pictures torn out of magazines...
with ideas for future decorating,
recipes, great articles, pictures of table settings, outdoor decor, wrapping present ideas...

or even free patterns that are offered online during the holidays for making a gift.

I love homemade gifts especially when they are easy and the pattern is FREE!
There are numerous magazine articles and even online source ideas for making your
own gift baskets and what to put in them for your special person!
you name it...
I love to save favorite pictures.
There is a wonderful article here about it to get you going.

Next is a houseworks Holiday Plan!

I've used this for years and it works!
A little planning ahead or a lot of planning ahead to make things less stressful. I'm all about lessening the stress in my life.  Especially with the possibility of having to go to the hospital or doctor at any given moment...since we have my mom still with us...I'm very aware of her health needs and how quickly they change.
(is this planner the cutest thing Ever?)

Waiting to the last moment to do something is not wise for me...so I am planning ahead, thinking wiser, planning wiser...and doing the most important NOW...not the night before.

I've even said no to different engagements with the realization that I'm helping myself in the bigger picture by doing things now.
Below is the link to ORGANIZED HOME. She has wonderful FREE PRINTABLES to help you think clearly, plan wisely and live successfully in the next few weeks.
I really like that!
there are tons more this is just one example. I love free printables don't you?

There were a ton of lovely examples on Pinterest....check it out!

A master gift list is always a good idea. One page...everyone's name, gift ideas, sizes, money to be spent...all organized to fit inside your purse.

Lots of FREE PAGES TO PRINT OUT-you can customize your own planner! I love this idea!

I usually take a couple of lists with me...immediate family, and then relatives/family that we have picked names for. All little ones get a gift in our family, and grandparents.
I'm not stingy...everyone gets a little something!

An envelope for receipts goes with the list. 
On my big shopping day, I take an envelope for gift receipts and I write on it what I bought and for who.  Sticky notes are wonderful for tagging a present before it even gets paid for...

My shopping cart often will have toys and gifts and post-it notes on them reminding me who the gifts are for! This helps when there are lots of little cousins, grandkids,  etc.
Have a plan....
think how you can make your shopping successful and not totally stressful!

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Short and Sweet said...

LOVE it. This "planner" idea is wonderful and so helpful. Thanks for sharing.