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October 13, 2014

Fall Crows & Free Vintage Style Image-Printable

...below is my white Shabby Hutch from last year...
The framed crow below was easy and inexpensive. 
I printed off an old letter (from Graphic's Fairy-she has amazing free printables, and they are organized alphabetically on her side bar...check it out!), then I put the paper back in my printer and printed out the crow on top of the letter...which is below.
Michael's has adorable glittered crows...this one is from last season. The cross stitch picture is now complete and framed.

Why not decorate with a few free things offered on the internet? Free graphics, free quilt patterns for fall and Halloween, and free cross stitch patterns. Tuck them in with vintage birdhouses, vases, books, hutches...

Thank you for coming by!
Be sure to come back for more Fall Nesting Fun. 


Anonymous said...

I love the sound of crows! They always bring me back to the days of camping with my siblings when I was young. ♥

priscilla said...

Thanks for more cross stitch patterns ! Love the crow in the dress you stitched !

Beansieleigh said...

Love all the crows Debbie! That one cross-stitched in a dress is so SWEET!.. I crocheted a couple crows recently. Did you see them? They were fun to make; and now, since posting them, I have a relative who's asking me to make HER one now too!... ((hugs and have a great day!)) ~tina

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. It is one of my belovest chart. Bye Carla

CrossedPawsDesign said...

I too love crows!

Thanks so much for the crow template. Just what I need for my latest felt creation.

If you want to see my Crow themed work I'd love you to vist my blog at CrossedPawsDewsign2014.blogspot.co.uk.