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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

September 30, 2012

Fall Nesting, Free Vintage Pumpkin printable & Patterns

Hey everyone
Starting in October I will joining in with Melissa @ http://theinspiredroom.net
for 31 Days of Fall Nesting!
There will be fall inspiration, ideas, free printables, recipes, decorating pictures, and wonderful things to inspire you for fall.
Also joining in with all the fun
I've been playing around with pictures and images over at http://www.picmonkey.com/
You can add text, lighten up a dark picture, or even erase something ugly in the background...and you don't have to save the picture if you don't like the results....
 Below is a free Vintage style Botanical print that I embellished. I am going to print it off on cream colored cardstock and then frame.
Easy and inexpensive fall decorating. 
I found this years ago, so forgive me I do not know where the original source is.
Over the last 10 years I have accumulated cross stitch patterns for fall. I am an avid cross stitcher, always taking something with me in my purse or the car. Love to stitch in the fall...
So that when I am WAITING...I can stay peaceful because I have something with me to work on. Instead of being frustrated that I am not home to work on something creative.

 I really try to stay peaceful....and so I do a few things to help myself....
 the first thing is I always read my Bible every day in the morning before people get up, it anchors me whether things are peaceful or when the storm is raging....
I have my favorite creamer with my coffee...this is a MUST!
 I keep music on softly somewhere, home, work, car that keeps me peaceful...I listen to Hillsong...they are on Youtube, all their music, the Cornerstone album is my favorite.
 It is happy, encouraging, lifts me up...and I can put it on and listen even though I'm doing something else.
 I keep little projects in my purse that I enjoy working on.  My life right now is filled with doctor appointments, driving to the lab, etc. We live in the country on a farm so every trip is an hour one way...

 So staying peaceful because the days are often filled with doctor reports that aren't always good to hear, stressed out nurses and doctors that are tired, cranky, and burned out...is not easy...

back to staying peaceful
I pray, 
I fill myself with good things, 
and I make a decision each day to enjoy my day, no matter what is thrown at me. 
Things have been a bit of a blur this year....but I don't want a storm to determine my outcome...
I want to enjoy this blessed life God has given me...each and every day!

I do not have the thread/color keys to these graphs, but follow the colors on the chart to pick out my thread.

 If you will hover your computer mouse over the pictures one at a time, right click and save it....hopefully to a chart file in your picture file in your computer/hard drive. If you save these to a document file, it will only open up as a code and not a picture! I found this out the hard way years ago.

Below is one of my wool felt appliqué pumpkins...  Another small project that I can work on while I am not at home.
What do you do to settle yourself down?
Big smile...
a little chocolate always helps...bigger smile!

September 28, 2012

DIY-Script Fabric Backed Shelves for Living Area

We have been remodeling our home and changing out furniture. I have had the Shabby/Farmhouse look with all white for years. 
But....Hubby said he just didn't think he could handle one more  piece of white furniture. He wanted warm and cozy.....
He doesn't ask for much, but I did have to take a deep breath. We've been married 32 years and most of our furniture had been painted white, all the frames were white, all my wall decor...white...yikes! 
I think shabby...
I think cottage....
no more white?
Joining with some fun parties
 I found this inexpensive cubby shelf thing that YOU HAVE TO PUT TOGETHER YOURSELF! At Wal-mart. Very inexpensive. But I didn't want the fake board that hammers onto the back....so....
 I had some upholstery fabric that had script writing on it...which I am addicted to at the present!!!

I know it looks cheap inexpensive but I needed a piece of furniture and wanted to upgrade it
a bit....
 The directions are incredibly easy...
 Below is the hideous fake cardboard you are supposed to hammer on the back...


 Let's use this wrinkly pretty fabric instead...if I pull it tight enough you won't see the wrinkles...

I realize there was not enough fabric either way I stretched it...
but not too worry...
I cut and pieced the fabric at the bottom of the shelf.
I figure once the cubby's are filled no one but me will ever know!
Well and a few bloggers...
I don't want to have to shoot anyone!
 This is how it looked before the little shelves were placed inside....
I'm liking it already.
 It is now in the living room next to my grand piano...

 Yep....it is a good fit! The shelves will hold some of my music...in an organized way...I'm hoping...
Big smile!


September 27, 2012

Fall in the Dining Room and Kitchen!

Hello everyone!
What a blessed day. Every day is a gift....are you enjoying your day?
I hope so....
We have been back and forth to the hospital with my mom, and I'm grateful and thankful....we just brought her home and she is in very good spirits!

 Even though time is limited in between dr. and hospital visits, I managed to decorate my dining room for fall.  Sort of a celebration for me.  I'm making myself appreciate EVERY DAY! Most days I rush, trying to get things done, hurrying here and there, hoping I get finished with this and that.....
 But there is usually no peace or joy in those days...just endless frustration that I didn't get things done...
Do you ever feel that way?
 In my mind I'm doing one thing, but in reality I'm sitting impatiently at a Doctor's office, or in the car...trying to get to my destination...always frustrated because I'm not there yet! hahaha...

I just returned from a conference for women, and it made me take stock of all my blessings, made
me realize I need to enjoy the journey, and quit fussing about difficult days...
quit complaining...
change what I can change...
and pray for help....haha....lots of help!

The vintage pie safe made in Amish country got a new look with paint, stain and some distressing...

The vintage Hoosier in our kitchen is perfect for loading up baskets, and
pitchers with pumpkins, fall flowers, 
moss, fall leaves
....I love it as a backdrop!
 Trust in the Lord with ALL YOUR HEART, do not lean on your own understanding (which is always frustrating to me), but in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight(peaceful, easy to follow-my words here...) Proverbs 3:5,6
The shelves below were solid white,
I did a DIY on them and stained them, then sanded them to give them a distressed look to match my newly painted kitchen cabinets!

September 18, 2012

Fall Quilts, Pie Safes and Baby Chicks

Hey Everyone! We just received several boxes in the mail...and the boxes were from several different hatcheries.  Here are a couple of the little baby chicks.  Silver Lace Wyandotte chicks...they are so cute...and we got lots of them, and several other breeds.

 On to our home...I decorated for fall in the kitchen and just had to take it all down because we are getting new flooring! Yay and boohoo.
************************************** I'm in the nesting mood...fall is my favorite season...but I will suffer for the flooring sake.  We have been remodeling and it has ended up TAKING LONGER 
than we could have ever imagined. 
The cabinets are painted...just waiting on knobs to go on them.  
I'm thrilled with it and ready for it TO BE OVER.  I've had china in boxes, fall decor in tubs, and kitchen chairs in the hallway, kitchen pots and pans in the nearby bathroom....yikes...
 I loved the cabinets so much we had the painter paint the pie safe too.  He stained it and distressed it and I'm very happy with the end result.

 Awww these little guys had to be put up....my cats were licking their chops just seeing them nearby!
 Fall is here and I'm so happy that it is!

Joining in with all the blog fun goodness over at http://www.savvysouthernstyle.net for
Wow us Wednesdays!