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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

June 27, 2012

Red, White and Blue Home and Porch Tour

Hey everyone! We had a fun swimming day here at our house. Lots of little ones splashing and giggling, hot dogs, cupcakes, candy. You know...all the food groups!
I even had the little ones help me with the table.  
We made little cupcakes and set them on my favorite little red vintage stove.

We filled buckets with candy, the most important food group first....just kidding!  

I made the napkins, cut squares out of checked fabric and hemmed the edges. Went really fast.
Found the red checked glasses on Etsy.
I adore red checked goodness for the kitchen and dining room.

Little vintage stoves are perfect for serving little miniature cupcakes on.

I'm sure most of you have seen my door that I painted into a flag using masking tape, and spray paint. So don't throw out those old doors!

 Some of my quilt collection. I adore red and white quilts! Can't seem to get enough of them. This is an inexpensive bookshelf that I attached an old vintage door to using hinges and wood screws. I store some of my vintage quilts in it.

And on one of the guest beds I have a red and white quilt, adorned with lots of pillows in reds, white, and blue.

The hoosier in the kitchen is ready for guests with a patriotic brunch. I will show more pictures later on...

I  have planted many red geraniums plants in containers on my back porch. They are easily moved around and I love the happy pop of color that they add to the porch.

Old quilts, and pillows soften the chairs so everyone  can sit in comfort on the porch and pass the afternoon along.
Glad you stopped by for a visit!

June 24, 2012

Don't worry....

Have a blessed weekend.

June 19, 2012

Quilts and Flowers, Reds and Blues

Hello everyone! We are having the loveliest weather here...enjoying planting flowers and puttering around the back patio.  I have gone a little crazy planting flowers and perennials everywhere.
I want to see pretty colors everywhere when I drive up to our house, spilling out of containers, waving hello to me. 

 Loving red and blues this time of year.
Whether it is inside or out...quilts and flowers seem to look like old friends when they come to visit.

June 15, 2012

The Wedding Dress and happy moments...

We had some very happy moments this week.  My daughter's wedding dress came in to the bridal salon and she had to rush to try it on for a fitting. It was perfect. 
(I'm not allowed to show it in case "he" were to be snooping around and see it on his mother in law to be blog...)

We also went shopping for the perfect "Cinderella shoes" for the wedding.
These however were just a 'few' hundred dollars....so we headed to DSW in Palm Springs to find
 a more....budget friendly pair of shoes!
She tried on countless pairs...
 even grandma had to sit down and take a small nap during the shoe extravaganza.
And then....
mom had to finally step in and suggest we pick a pair before SOMETIME IN DECEMBER (wedding is next month)...

pressure is always good...haha (I also said we could return them if we needed to...the store was starting to close...)
One must find the magic slippers before the magic wedding day!

think they look like Cinderella shoes!

I'm not allowed to show any more than this or else...I'm subject to great punishment.
 This daddy was happy to make her dreams come true before the big day.  So after the fitting we went to Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Palm Springs to celebrate...that the dress fit!  We split one piece of cheesecake....waaaah....but oh it was sooooo good.

 The next day we went to Carlsbad bakery for the cake tasting...she picked out her cake...each layer is a different flavor. I didn't know they did that...vanilla, chocolate, marble and velvet all in one cake, just four different tiers.
 And what is a wedding without a bridal shower?We sent out invitations....decided on a menu, and theme...  We made a candy table, desert table, food table and drink station. But I was so busy I can't believe I didn't get pictures of everything. But it was a wonderful day, and she was so happy. That is what it is all about.

A tiny bit of the wedding dress fluff...lots of ostrich feathers, rosettes, light airy fabric.
A true fairy tale. And she is marrying her high school sweetheart.

Yay...only a few more days...and then I can sleep.  She is Cinderella, I feel like the other Disney movie...sleeping *****...except I can't wait to sleep...for a long time!

June 6, 2012

Very difficult but wonderful...

My sweet daddy went home to be with his Savior this
past week.
Very precious being with him and my mom right before he passed.
My dad was a wonderful man of God....kind of like a football coach.  
He said we were never going to give up and were always going to serve God. That if you get knocked down you always get back up and head toward the goal.
The goal was always living for God.
When I was little we traveled to different churches, he would speak, and tell the greatest jokes(and preach too..hahaha, I just remembered the jokes!)
I loved it. Loved all of it.
Last week I felt very strongly that while we knew he was declining, that I wanted our family to  quote scriptures and sing worship songs to him during this time. 
There is a scripture that says God inhabits the praises of His people...
I thought if we were holding his hand...singing or playing soft worship music, that God's presence would be in our home...
and then...the next hand he would take would be God's...
Very hard but very wonderful.