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May 8, 2012

DIY-make storage boxes-lots of ideas

Hey everyone...just wanted to give you some easy and quick directions for covering boxes that can be used for storage anywhere.
I happen to be a red girl so I used red and white gingham fabric to cover my boxes.

Several storage box ideas:
Cover with fabric that looks like grain sacks for a Pottery Barn style.
*Cover with children's fabric, bright colors, soft pastels, etc.
*Store diapers
*plastic toys
or diaper changing supplies near a diaper changing table.
how about on a shelf in the laundry room
*laundry and cleaning supplies that need to be nearby...
*cover boxes with burlap for a natural rustic look.
*spray paint them instead of covering with fabric
*use boxes to hold dvd's and cd's.
*store jewelry
*hair supplies
*cleaning supplies
*office supplies
 I used the boxes below to stand my magazines and quilting books in on the bookshelf. The boxes corral my reading and pattern books.
 Below are boxes I finished for my sewing room. I'm going to put white tags on them to let me know what I have stored in them at a glance (large print!)
So to get started:
I used an exacto knife to cut off the tops of my boxes so they would be similar heights on the bookshelf.
Measure, draw a line if you need to and cut off the tops of your boxes so that you have several boxes all equal heights.

 Go slow on your corners so that you don't cut and make big mistakes.
 Next I laid the material on top of the box BEFORE GLUING and evened the edge up with the top of the box edge.
 Slowly apply a dab of glue and lay your fabric down on it...you are working on small sections at a time.
 Once you have the initial dab of fabric glued down then you can place a strip of glue down and keep laying fabric on it. I usually would glue gun a strip of glue that was about 4 or 5 inches long and worked with small section. You are less likely to make mistakes working with small strips of glue. 
 I added lace onto the bottom edge which gave it a cleaner  finished look in my estimation. You could use bullion fringe, or ruffled fabric for a shabby chic look.  Your choice.
 This part was easy, glue and dab, press your fabric down, working with a small section at a time. You are less likely to burn yourself doing it this way too.  I know...
I've burned myself way too much. I now keep a bowl of water nearby so I can stick my finger in it quickly if I get glue on myself!

 Of course my look is country/farmhouse, but you could change that to match your decor.
If you have any questions please email me!


Tonya said...

this is by far the coolest and creative thing i have seen!! looks easy peasy and convenient and simple.
thanks so much for sharing this!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea and I've got lots of fabric I can use for this.


Shabby Sweet Tea said...

I love these! Hoarding boxes is now my first priority! I need some these, a whole bunch of them. Thanks for sharing how to make them.