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February 16, 2012

Farmhouse Cooking, Decorating, and baby lambs

We had a snow day today and worked inside...
both of my parents weren't feeling too well and after both
of them went to the doctor found out my mother
had pneumonia. Bless her heart.

This required homemade chicken soup! 

I love the smell of the chicken soup cooking, all the fresh vegetables added in...and then
after all the spices, salt and pepper are put in we added rice instead 
of noodles.  Oh did it taste good.

 I did notice however my rooster and chicken collection were eyeing the chicken soup uncomfortably!

 The vintage scale gets moved around quite a bit in my kitchen along with the red and white enamelware pans.
Yes I do cook with the pans. I love them. 

Please visit these wonderful blogs and parties I'm joining with this week.

The sheep get close together when
it snows, but their wool keeps them very warm.

 This little one had to be brought in for some extra nourishment because his mama wasn't letting him nurse...Sometimes the first time moms take a couple of days for their hormones to kick in, the mothering instinct to start working.
... we always make sure the babies are nursing and getting milk in the first 24 hours so they will make it. 

I will announce the winner of the cherry pillow giveaway tomorrow! Thank you to all of you who joined in my little giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Aw, you're such a sweet daughter! wish I had one! ♥

Ruffles and Relics said...

I just love those red and white enamelware pans and the roosters!! I'll have to try adding the rice instead of noodles next time.. sounds yummy!!

The Mayo Family said...

I love your kichten!
I have roosters and the same pans..:):)

Hope your MOM gets to feeling better:( Praying for her



Unknown said...

I first want to say that I love your kitchen decor...red is my favorite color, and I seriously need the polka dot bowls! Second, the baby lamb is so sweet. You are very lucky! I am hosting my first link party today, and would love for you to add this along with anything else you like!

Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

Mecky said...

I hope that your parents are well soon.
Those are cute shelves. I see you have some Southern Living Annuals, too. Are they just the best cookbooks?

The calf sure is precious!