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January 3, 2012

Organize-Home Planner-free printables, file folders....

I don't enjoy filing...I won't say HATE....but...
I decided to cover some file folders with scrap paper...just used a glue stick, scissors and covered several of them.

I figure if you have to look at them at least they could look pretty!

I really want our home to flow, be peaceful and be able to find things when I need them...especially papers. Since I'm the "looker" who looks for things that have somehow disappeared...

My aim and goal is to have things look orderly, organized, and labeled...so that when I look....I can find!
photo: BHG

 photo: BHG
 photo: BHG

 Love this little painted bookshelf, lined with scrapbook paper in the back.  Buckets hold sports gear, mittens, hats, things for the outdoor. I would love this right by our back door.
 We actually have nest boxes in the barn for the chickens to lay eggs that look like the cubby holder below....hmmmm....
photos: BHG

Below is a printable 2012 calendar, small but easy to locate an important date! Notice February has leap year this year...I was born on leap year, and reminded my husband that it was no excuse to forget my birthday just because it wasn't on the other calendars!
Below is a site with dozens of free printables that you put in your home planner, I love these. Once you save them in your computer you can print out as many copies as you need.  They are wonderful for organizing your kids, schedules, bills, home management...etc.

Below is just a cute little file folder made into a tiny bit of organization.

Download a Pattern to make these little mini file folders out of scrap paper...I would use red and white papers to go with my decor... 

Below is a fabric file folder, with a very easy tutorial. I love the idea of this for important papers or info that you want to be accessible, maybe on your desk or work area....pretty to look at, contains the mess, yet it's right there at your fingertips!

Below are some of my favorite red labels. You can find them here with much more @ http://ihanna.nu/download/red_labels_by_ihanna.pdf

My feeling is this, if it is labeled...other people can FIND IT! For example: the keys are in the KEY BASKET! SEE THE CUTE RED AND WHITE LABEL THAT SAYS 'KEYS'?
I rest my case!
Joining in with all the fun over @ http://savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/



cherry said...

Beautiful colors Debbie...reminds me Spring will here soon...crssing fingers, lol. Greeat inspiration photos...I need to clean, purge, and clean again....argh. cherry

Mecky said...

I enjoyed the sites you shared yesterday and I am sure I will enjoy these, too. I love the little mini file folder. It gave me an idea to make a little book close to that for my homekeeping journal.
Isn't that desk area cool? I want to find a place in my home to have something like that!

Mecky said...

I forgot to mention that I really like the folders all spiffied up!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love this idea of covering your folders. I'm with you on trying to get organized...yikes! It's just not easy but so worth the time in the long run. I am sooo excited for the up coming wedding!!! I know you must be so excited. I just can't wait to hear all about it :)

Our Country Bungalow said...

Nice pictures! Just what I needed to see. Loving that organization!
Happy New Year,