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January 6, 2012

Hoarder Panic!

Hey everyone!  Wow what a week we have had with our little poopsie getting engaged...lots of immediate stress and panic.... what dress? where do we marry? caterer?
Below is a pic of her at Christmas with her fiance, and my wonderful hubby's parents. 

I'm worn out...but the worst of the worst is this awful show she insisted I watch!
She said "mom you have got to see this, come sit by me."  And then she sat on my lap....20 years old sitting on my lap....making me watch this show...

Have you seen Hoarders? Oh it is awful...just awful.
She made my husband and I watch several not just one...of the shows.
It really got to me and I will never be the same. 

I have been like a nut on a cleaning rampage. 
Because I felt like some of my closets and corners were a little too cluttered!
It made me tear into my house like never before and clean, purge, throw away and look at closets in a different light.
In fact I told myself I can't blog until I'm done or within a close distance.
But here I am anyway...hahaha...I needed a break.
So I googled organizing...bookshelves, home office, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, you name it...I needed some therapy!

 I have two pantrys, one small for baking, cereal, everyday things and a bigger one that houses cans, large cooking equipment since we cater and cook quite a bit.
The pantry below is my smaller pantry and I use Tupperware products mostly. These are incredible, they cost more but these have lasted 20 years and have never fallen apart or lids broken, etc.
This was what it looked like before I started. When I'm done I'm challenging myself to be able to show closets, kitchen cupboards, etc. I'm trying to motivate myself....and believe me after watching those
shows...I'm in this till I'm done!

 I loved this tool box, from French Larkspur, I like the farmhouse feel and yet it organizes bits and pieces of things!

 From papers and files, to all of this....I'm determined!

Blessings to you...are you organizing, am I the only one that feels like this in January? Let me know I would love to hear some encourgement! hahahah....please...


Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, Debbie.. As mother of the bride, maybe I'll take notes from YOU! My daughter just got engaged too!!!.. So sweet, he asked my blessings first!!! Loved it! Congrats to you and yours!.. And Happy New Year too! ~tina

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I came and visited you before I tackle another closet, cupboard, or drawer. Yes, I am purging...like a crazy woman. so, don't feel alone. And when I am done purging...I am going to purge some more!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I so feel that urge come January but how I love that pantry with all the green touches.

Goosegirl said...

Congratulations to your lovely girl!! My India is 20 and I can't imagine her being engaged yet, but I guess I was that age when I got engaged. Oh my! How exciting!

And Hoarders.....uh....yeah, I am going to do something about my garage tomorrow. yeah.

Lisa said...

I love to organize and seem to have to redo often. More of this less of that move move move! I think you will really love it when it is all beautiful. And will want to keep it that way so you can look at it!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Congrats to your sweet daughter!
Hugs, Lisa

Mecky said...

No, you are not the only one that feels like that in January! I started in, but the weather has been so nice, I headed outside! When Winter gets here, I will start back in!
I have seen Hoarders and I know just how you felt after seeing it. There was a show on that was worse than Hoarders. It was called "How Clean is Your House?" One night it came on and my daughter and I stayed up and watched it. Even though it was close to midnight, I could not go to sleep until I started in cleaning. If you ever see it, you will be lucky not to get sick to your stomache. It is that bad.

Enjoy the wedding planning!

Mecky said...

BTW, you can google How Clean is Your HOuse and watch some on YouTube. Just beware.

Terri said...

Hi Debbie!

It must be something in the air! I've organized my pantry and installed metal pull out shelves. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Hoarders is a scary show indeed.... Congrats on the engagement. Time to plan for a wedding! Fun!

Bev said...

On my goodness--every time I think my house is getting terribly cluttered or out of sorts, I'll tune in and watch an episode of Hoarders, and then I'm reassured it's not as bad as that, but if I don't get it under control it could be! Been in a slump this week but ready to get with it tomorrow and clean up some of this clutter! Happy New Year to you--enjoy your blog!

Bev said...

Forgot to say you are not the only one--yes--trying to get a bit of organizing done this month to start the new year!

Made In The South said...

Oh my gosh..we are soul sisters. LOL I watched a few of the shows to and now I am on a mission to get at least some of my stuff outta here.
Just today I cleaned out all the cabinets in my entertainment center. I even parted with cassette tapes that were my brothers. (he passed away a few years back)
For me taking down the Christmas tree gets me motivated. My post today showed the mess my flocked tree made. I had white dust everywhere.
Also congrads. to your family on your daughters engagement.
May you have a fabulous weekend,

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...she didn't mean it, did She??? I would die, although my own daughter has hinted to it with me.!!! Congratulations on the engagement...he looks like a really nice guy! You are going to have so much fun planning the wedding with your daughter. Mine is getting married in May, 2013, and we are having a ball!!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Congratulations, my son is getting married in November, I am in wedding mode already. I quit watching horders because it made me sick! I'm a little ...OK a lot compulsive and can not stand any clutter. Good luck in your decluttering, I am sure you won't find a dead cat under the clutter, did you see that horders show YIKKES


Revi said...

Today, I went through all the Christmas stuff and pulled out some to put in the garage sale I need to have, and some to put away since I know I won't use it anytime soon, but I don't want to completely get rid of it. It does feel good to get organized. Working outside my home, I don't stay on top of it as much as I'd like to! Your work is inspiring. :)

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

My takeaway on your "hoarder" article is that I'm sure you'll do a great job. How do I know that when I don't know you.....because your tupperware is still together after all these years. I have a total mishmash of lids and containers, none of which match. I can't figure it out. It's similar to the dozens of single, unmatched socks issue. LOL Besides, a wonderful incentive like a wedding is serious goal setting. It's all good.