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December 13, 2011

Gingerbread themed decorations, homemade ornaments and free printables!

I have been working and sewing the sweetest little gingerbread gals with recipe cards in their pockets....
In my Etsy. Also I have searched and found free patterns with a gingerbread theme, tags, free printables....

Free stitchery patterns here at this site below. She has wonderful patterns for stitchery and holidays.

JUST Loved this gingerbread house...

One of the gingerbread gals for my Etsy shop...

A raggy quilt with gingerbread theme.

 Below I spray painted some wood pieces that I got from Michael's...sprayed them silver and then just glued on the little gingerbread wood pieces also from Michaels. Glued on a ribbon for hanging on my kitchen tree.

 Fake gingerbread cinnamon rolls in the glass jar. Made salt dough and added tons of cinnamon and ginger. Rolled out mini cinnamon rolls and baked for hours....The icing is 1/2glue mixed with 1/2 white paint and then drizzled on.
 I painted these gingerbread men (wood pieces from Michaels) and then glued them to an old cookie sheet!

 I printed little recipe cards and made the font tiny on my computer, added glitter and ribbon for hanging it as an ornament!
 **Embellished this frame with little gingerbread men....I cut out gingerbread men from brown felt, covered it with white glue, sprinkled it with ginger and cinnamon and slow baked them while I baked the salt dough on low.  They make great embellishments for frames, cards and scrapbooking. They dry stiff. This frame is in my Etsy shop too.


Every link I  posted had several more free printables, be sure to check them out. Lots of free goodies out there!
JUST HAVE TO SHARE GOOD NEWS! My daughter called and said MOM HE JUST PROPOSED! ....we knew because Mr. Wonderful had called and had asked for her hand in marriage about 4 weeks ago...YAY!
"For God who is rich in MERCY, for His GREAT LOVE wherewith He has loved us..." Ephesians 2:4


Buttons in a vintage pie tin

I love little kitchen miniatures!


Donna said...

How cute! I needed some of your gingerbread stuff to go with my this week's tablescape.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Debbie! I've been making some gingerbread men myself, and have several extras that I haven't decided what to do with yet, so your post today is a real inspiration to me! Love your cookie sheet ornaments and then to true size gingerbread cookie sheets! Thanks for sharing all the fun links to other gingerbread projects and goodies, and I hope you're enjoying this holiday season! ~tina

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Congratulations Debbie!!!!! How exciting for the rest of us to see what you will do for your daughter's wedding!!! She will be such a beautiful bride, and you the most lovely mother of the bride! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news, I will be smiling all day now :)
xo, Andrea