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November 22, 2011

My class at local nursery-and a wonderful Gift!

Hey everyone, I hope your week is going well so far.  We are picking kids up from the airport, visiting, cooking, doing a ton of dishes and loving all of it!
Last week I was asked to teach a craft class at our local nursery. 
Just how to decorate pumpkins, and a few other things for fall!
It was freezing cold and very fun! I loaded up glue guns, glue sticks, old buttons, twine, tags, jewels,
jars, scrapbook paper and off we went into craftland!
 I had typed up some harvest tags on my printer, cut them out and then we decoupaged them to jars, added buttons and fall leaves...
 So many pumpkins just waiting to be decorated, we added twine, buttons, jewels, ribbons, etc. Below is a table with ideas on it, for some simple decorations.

 I brought some little growing pots to decorate. These turned out adorable and I'm going to do a class with the nursery for Christmas too.

 The nursery owner provided some much needed heat for us. We stood around and drank hot cider, at pumpkin bread and did our crafts.  It was so much fun!

On our property this is growing on the fences surrounding the back of our property. Love it next to the galvanized chicken feeder.

 And this is growing on my back patio, have no idea what it is but I love it!
 We had a last gathering with our turkeys, they have been so much fun to visit with and they are very vocal...so they love to gobble when I talk to them.

My children were mortified but I made a short 1 minute Youtube video, talking to the turkeys about a chicken dinner vs. a turkey dinner-and they would gobble a response!
It is called "California Turkey Whisperer"...
it is funny, a little dumb but funny.

 The farmer himself. Love that man...

 and then! I got a present in the mail from Debbie Kay @
She said I'm her chicken blogger and she saw something that just fit me! Well she was right!
I could not BELIEVE it, she wanted to send me something!
I squealed with delight when I opened the box and saw this...did a happy dance ....then looked around where I could put it!
 Next to my kitchen hoosier, and under my rooster clock. Perfect place for a cute key rack!
Thank you so much Debbie!
Before the turkeys left our home, we decided to take some family pictures! Buwahahaha...
here is my hubby and our daughter
 and my absolutely God Answered our prayer...daughter in law...whom I love to pieces! 
TOMORROW I'm posting some very important information(big smile)-the Thanksgiving 10 Commandments...
very funny,
very inspiring (not deep at all)
good guidelines for every
family get together.
I Corinthians 13:8 "Love never comes to an end..."


Comeca Jones said...

How blessed you are and I think its so great that you can share it! I will be back!

Weltha said...

This is so lovely. Love the pix of Mr. Debbie, Little Debbie, Wife of Son of Debbie #1! I love them and I love you and when our internet is acting better, I MUST see you as the California Turkey Whisperer on YouTube. You are so wonderful. So talented. And I'm so proud to be your friend!


butterfly said...

What lovely Thanksgiving things such wonderful colours for Autumn lovely red ivy and the other plat we call a Red Hot Poker here. Have a great day.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your posts are always so full of fun, Debbie. Your class at the nursery looks like it went very well...I love the little pots and the decoupage pumpkins. You are GOOD!

Your key ring plaque is so cute and looks perfect in your decor. I'd love to see your home someday...it looks so fun and cozy!

Love the family pictures...posing with dinner!!

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Sandie said...

Love all of your photos! And the video! Watched it twice! So funny! Happy Thanksgiving.