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November 27, 2011

Decoupaged French country boxes-Tutorial, free labels

 I have to say first of all I feel so blessed and grateful for our family being together this last week. Each day, week, month is a gift.  I'm appreciative of our time together.  Seeing my kids and being with them has been awesome.
 I've been doing several projects, and one of my favorite things to do is decoupage.  I bought some papier mache boxes at our new California Hobby Lobby...first one in S. California!!!!
So happy about this. Next I bought this scrapbook paper with French country themes because it has my colors I like to decorate with.

I painted the edges of the boxes white. You could also paint the edges black depending on what color paper you are using.
 I think it is easier to measure and cut your paper before hand.  But you can use a large piece of paper and trim or cut it later with a  sharp craft knife as well.  Next brush on your decoupage liquid and add the paper rubbing and smoothing as you go.
 After I decoupaged all the boxes, I let them dry...which is pretty quick. I wanted to add labels to the front of the boxes.  I found these amazing labels here
is an amazing site for free images, labels, organizing printables...I could get lost on her amazing site! And everything is incredible quality on her site.
Here's just one example of one of her amazing labels.

I always print things off on cardstock, which is easier to decoupage with.
And you can't print off black labels onto colored paper, or paper that has been distressed before hand.

 I cut out the labels with scissors, and then used a hole punch for the rooster and glued the rooster on the label for the look I wanted to achieve. I didn't type anything on my labels because I didn't want to be stuck with a laundry theme, which is where these boxes have landed for now.
I'm going to do a Christmas theme next!
Here is my family...

Have a blessed week. I'm taking my daughter to the airport....waaaah...so I'm going to stay busy this week with lots of projects.


Debbie Kay said...

Hobby Lobby??? Where? I would LOVE to visit one, I am sure I would come out with bags of new projects. Love those boxes Deb, you are so talented and so very creative. Love em!



Violetas Rendadas said...

Verdadeiramente tem que se sentir abençoada por tantas coisas bonitas em sua vida, linda postagem, lindas caixas, lindas pessoas. Parabéns e boa semana, querida!

Jennifer @ Bleu Pom said...

This is great! I love how clearly you explained each step. For sure adding this to my ever growing list! Also pinning it for pinterest. :o)

Found you via link party. :o)


Jenny's Heart said...

Your boxes are so sweet!
You have a beautiful family, you are one blessed mama.
Merry Christmas

Jo @ Let's Face the Music said...

Great post on making those storage boxes lovely. I love Franch country also. Jo @ Let's Face the Music