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October 26, 2011

Frugal fall Decorating-Canning jars

Autumn Bliss....One easy way to decorate frugally is to use what you already have...and I have canning jars!
I love using canning jars for decorating! Big ones...little ones...and you wash them and use them all over again.  Here I put them in a wire holder...filled them with candy corn...MY FAVORITE VEGETABLE IS CANDY CORN! 

Next I put a smaller votive sized canning jar inside with a small tea light candle. yay...I loved this!

Here I hung it outside with my fall filled bathtub...I love planting different colored mums because they come back every year. They need to be cut way back after they bloom but then when they come back it is a wonderful burst of color!

The outdoor should be an expression of your indoors...welcoming your guests...
well most of them! Hahahaha


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Debbie, I am not doing a good job of welcoming my guests, I have no fall decorating...YIKKES! Your house is gorgeous and makes me want to come right in!


~Sara said...

Love it all !! You are so creative! My moms came back this year but aren't blooming. Maybe it needs to get colder for them here in Northern Cali. Yours are awesome!

Unknown said...

Debbie, I love all your Fall, the jars are awesome, but the flowers are georgous!

Coffee Mom said...

I love that!! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I Love it! You do the cutest things!

I wanted to let you know that I often have trouble commenting here! ♥

Michele Smith said...

Love it! Your flowers are gorgeous too!

Sandie said...

Oh, I love everything in this post! Your home is so welcoming!!! Happy November! ;)