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October 5, 2011

Fall Quilts and Black Spray Painted Hutch Thingamabob

Welcome back to the next day of Autumn Bliss. Sharing every day on preparing and decorating for the holidays. Today is all about making your living area welcoming and cozy.
More inspiration is at Melissa's The Inspired Room.
I love to decorate for fall and try to incorporate all the  senses while doing so.
Every Season I think to myself...
is there something soft that feels good and looks pretty,  (quilt or throw)
is there something that smells good (seasonal candle)
is there something that looks pretty (a nice flower or candle arrangement)
taste?  favorite coffee with creamer to sit down and drink while blogging.
Sound? love to listen to my favorite music which sometimes is turned down low
so it is peaceful background music.

This piece below helped me work towards an idea I've been having....
Well I found this at a huge garage sale. I bought it...not sure what it was in it's former life but I knew I needed it by our fireplace/woodstove. We live in an older farmhouse that sports a wood stove. And I knew hubby needed a piece of furniture to set matches on so.....BUWAHAHAHAHA...I had to buy it!

After it was cleaned and spray painted I put it by the fireplace under my quilt shelf. I use seasonal quilts on this rack/shelf. 

 This is a fallish quilt I made several years ago...it is in our guest/sewing room.
 I love decorating with quilts in our farmhouse...I enjoy looking at them when I walk in. As you can tell I haven't followed the neutral trend this fall....I love colors...lots of them.

At 51 I don't follow trends too much anymore. I think that people follow them perhaps because they haven't found their decorating style and need to follow trends as they come and go.
My decorating plane has landed so to speak...
Farmhouse style...it just seems to fit me.

 I seem to lean toward earthy colors, sunset colors, warm vibrant colors. I have soft neutral colors in my bedroom...but that is where I want to sleep!

I enjoy using quilts for decorating...they are soft, they instantly add to a room and they have personality.

I pulled out most of my fall quilts and folded them, then stacked them. I love the look of quilts in a room.  

To me it says "come on over here and sit down and relax!" 

We use our living room at the end of the day to sit and visit, enjoy a movie or sit by the fire. It is a room that I want to feel cozy and welcoming to everyone, not cluttered, messy or dirty. 

There are plenty of places to sit...but I want people to sit, take a deep breath, exhale and feel at home! I clear off the surfaces, set out a couple of fall inspiring magazines, and wonderful smelling candles.

I encourage you to have a peaceful welcoming place...you will appreciate coming home to it after a long day of work. Whether I work inside or outside the home I want a peaceful home at the end of the day!
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K-Sue said...

I would NEVER have thought to use a muffin tin as a candle holder - I love it!

Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful post, Debbie. You really know how to make a person feel the coziness of your home! Your quilts are just beautiful and I can see why you decorate with them You have definitely found your style!

Happy fall!


Neabear said...

Such beautiful touches in your Fall decor. Love the quilts! And love what you did with that thingamabob!