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October 21, 2011

Fall Free Stitchery patterns

YAY I found some more free cross stitching patterns. Am I the only cross stitcher? Does anyone love to stitch during the cooler months? I just love it...it gets me going creatively...is that a word?


If you google-images..."free cross stitch patterns, pumpkin" or fall, or halloween, etc. All kinds of goodies come up. I do the same for "free quilt patterns" or "free vintage images, Halloween" etc.  Yay...have fun googling!


Sharon said...

What a sweet blog you have! Yes, I love to stitch and sew and google for goodies!

butterfly said...

Yes i cross stitch my favorite .

Thanks for showing the free charts.

Neabear said...

A cool way to find free patterns for stitching! Love the ones you found here.


Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Darling Debbie, I have done almost every craft, but have never cross-stitched! I think you may get me going now, I have loved seeing all of your little framed pieces so much. I have come to your blog again and again the last few days while I am decorating, it's so inspiring. And heaven help my family, they're going to be so sick of me saying "Candy corn, my favorite vegetable." hahaha! Hope you are having a great weekend,
xoxoxo, Andrea

Lucy May said...

I stitch! It relaxes me at night before going to bed and it keeps my hands busy. Busy hands don't randomly pick up food! Stitching really helps when you are trying to diet! I just did some finishes for Halloween and posted them today. I found your blog through "By the Bay" way back in the summer.

Thanks for the freebie tip on these cute pieces! Free is always good!

Betsy said...

I do love cross-stich and embroidery--thanks for the links to these free patterns!