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October 17, 2011

Crows, blackbirds, stitcheries, patterns

Part of Autumn Bliss is decorating with what you have for the fall...
Here are some of my farmhouse ideas....

I find free graphics usually vintage online like the GRAPHICS FAIRY, and I type in her search box what I want...eg.  eggs, chickens, crows, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Next I find an old or otherwise unwanted frame here or at a thrift store...spray paint it black for fall and winter pictures...white for spring and summer pictures.  

Next I add a candle holder...spray painted of course to match ....add a candle....next...

 I like jars filled with goodies...seasonal goodies....if I have a stitchery item that I have made I add it...
 I stole the birdcage from my farmer hubby...for goodness sakes...he has a barn filled with thousands of chickens, pigeons, turkeys! 

What does he need a little cage like this for? 
 He was NOT amused though when he saw it in my decorating scheme! 
Hahaha...oh well after thirty years of being madly in love...but mostly mad...hahaha...

I try to  make up for it in other sweet ways...like always saying "YES DEAR" when he needs help in the chicken pen or when animals get loose!
See the one in the middle of my two handsome sons?
Yeah that's him...how was I to know
he was a farmer?
I had no idea the kinds of things I'd be shoveling out
in the barn when I married him! Hahahaha...
He's wonderful...but oh the fun I have teasing him about
the farming and the shoveling *%#7@*

 Below is a picture of my laundry room shelf  from last year...just above the washer and dryer. It is perfect for displaying seasonal things that I usually add to what is already there like the bunny, little gate, wall art, etc.
One last decorating idea...I find wooden plates...you know the ones from the 70's and spray paint them to place as a backdrop on my shelves...They are just good for decorations but not to eat on! The frame below I spray painted and then stenciled stars in the corner.

 Every year I cross stitch at least one fallish item...so over time it adds up...and I seem to do a lot of crows (birds)...hmmmm...I sense a collection going here! Hahaha
Last but not least...some free cross stitch patterns I have found online.

Glad you came by of course!
Joining in with

PS I'm curious...do any of you lay in bed at night with ideas flurrying through your head about blogging, projects, future projects for upcoming months, etc?  Big smile!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE crows. I want more of them. They are the smartest creatures...they grab walnuts and fly high over our roof and then drop them..let them roll off the roof and onto the concrete driveway and break over...
Your crows are sooo cute. I want many more. I had more..but couldn't find them this year... :(
Very cute Halloween decor!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

How fun, such great fall decor and I love all of the needlework pieceds. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Beansieleigh said...

Everything looks great Debbie! Love the quilted-appliqued crow, all the beautiful bittersweet, and thanks for sharing the cross-stitch patterns and links! I'm so far behind in decorating around here, but I'm trying to do at least a little at a time. I just LOVE the holidays, and Dear Son loves them even MORE, so I try to keep up, more for him than even myself! ~tina

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh you just have the most warm and inviting home. I love to see what you are doing and decorating. Love that you love your hubby so much. I feel the same about mine. We are lucky gals!