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October 10, 2011

Autumn Bliss Decorating Outside

This is day 10 of 31 days of Autumn Bliss. One thing I love when I walk outside is something beautiful to look at...what could be more lovely than roses. I plant pretty roses with this in mind...can I use them for my table? 
Why not go to a little extra effort and plant pretty flowering plants and bushes?
And why not surround yourself with loveliness...on any level.
 Yes it takes a little extra effort...but the rewards are happiness and joy when you walk outside and see God's beauty growing all around you.  I think anyone can have generic green plants and shrubs, but for a couple dollars more ( I buy one rose bush a month) you can surround yourself with colorful soft loveliness.

 And the number one reason we go the extra mile in surrounding ourselves with loveliness....is so that when we gather together, it is an enjoyable gathering.  You can spend your life wishing you could have done this or that but I believe it is worth the energy to make things beautiful now...so that you can enjoy beautiful surroundings now.

 I wanted to show you what was going on while I was setting up our fall table...the chickens were making all kinds of noise...apparently someone layed an egg by the bathtub and wanted EVERYONE to know about her accomplishment!

 Wherever there is a hen...there is a rooster to follow! Hahaha....lots of commotion when it comes to chickens!

Thanks so much for coming by. Loved visiting with you!
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~Sara said...

such beautiful pictures, and what a way of life with chickens right outside your door. What fun! Blessings ~Sara

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

Just beautiful! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

butterfly said...

Your Gather together decorations look so lovely what rich colours on the table very pretty.

Twinkle Terrior said...

WOW - this is so pretty! You have so much talent and creativity and your blog always and always makes me smile and this Fall post is so fun :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh I wish I was visiting at that beautiful table right now...and I could get one of those eggs...I have NEVER done that!!

Pam Kessler said...

I love the toolbox centerpiece. I was just looking at one today and may have to run back to pick it up tomorrow after seeing your table. Love the chickens.

Michele Smith said...

Beautiful tablescape! I love all the fall colors. Those flowers in the bathtub are fabulous!!!

Entertaining Women said...

Absolutely delightful! But one rose bush per month...that's a neat idea. I'll try to adapt that to our seasons. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

Ralaine, Author of Burden of Promise: When Tragedy Becomes A Teacher said...

Deb, you finally out did yourself in my book. I love, love, love your table arrangement. Your photography is stunning, too.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

This post was so beautifully done...it made me want to do mine all over again. One thing I learned is that I need a better camera and some more practice. :)
Wow...just beautiful!
I am also in Southern California..but I am not fortunate enough to live in the country.
Your Home is beautiful! Just beautiful.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Oh my...this all looks so pretty. I love your beautiful table setting with the glorious container. Such a lovely combination of colors and plants. And the bathtub ~ adorable!

a quiet life said...

what a beautiful setting~

Sheets on the line, love in my heart. said...

oh the color in your posts is just stunning!! i am a newbie...and you have given me great inspirations!

rachel@Acts of Life said...

Debbie this is a beautiful table setting! I love your claw foot tub filled with flowers, so pretty!


Marigene said...

What a festive table!

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Debbie! You have quite the green thumb!!! I have to rely on our local nursery or florist for nearly every living thing I use on a table!!! So funny about the chickens! Very nice table that has so many great elements of the season! Have a wonderful week!!!