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September 6, 2011

White decorating-white pumpkins

I am falling in love with white fall decor! Loving white pumpkins...finding lots of white pumpkin goodness over at Pinterest! Have you checked this out. It is more eye candy than one blogger can handle. If you click on my Pinterest button over at the right you can look at my fall Pins and see some of the white pumpkin goodness!
Below is a sweet picture of some white pumpkins from Pinterest.
I'm rearranging all the tops of my hutches for fall...I'm not done but here is the beginning of one! I decorate with a great deal of red...so I'm going for neutral so I can add bits and pieces of fall colors. Red and orange have argued in my living room...so I'm putting red in the closet for a bit until red gets it's attitude right!
http://fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/ For more white goodness see the link above. You may have to copy and paste it...for some reason I am having trouble with setting links in my post with the new blogger format! Blessings, Debbie


Unknown said...

I love your fall whites! :) I just started with pinterest... sooooo fun! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy decorating! I'm about ready to start painting some pumpkins over here!

PS I hope Red learns its lesson! :)

Revi said...

Hi - I just found you today and feel like we're kindred spirits! I'm feeling the white pumpkin theme thing, too! Stop by sometime!
I'll check back soon, since I'm following you now.
-Revi from www.revisionarylife.blogspot.com

Debbie Kay said...

Falling in Love with Fall......indeed

Nice to meet you dear blogger.

Debbie Kay