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September 29, 2011

Little canning jar apple pies for Autumn

Baking just seems right at this time of year...and I am a baker. I'm a good cook...hubby is an incredible cook.  But I can bake so I lean where my giftings are!  One funny thing happened when we were
cooking dinner for our kids...my middle son said "you know mom, you use the same ingredients
as dad...but his food seems to...." right then my older son cut in and told him to shut up.
We all had a good laugh because we all knew he was
going to say "dad's cooking is really good(which meant
So with that little funny thought I have pulled
out my vintage rolling pins, whisk and orange
bowl to do a little baking!
This Gooseberry Patch cookbook is just amazing...
I actually drool while reading some of the recipes.
But I landed on my own standby...Apple pie with crumble
topping. This time I am baking them in little canning jars.
My pie crust recipe which works every time...
3 cups flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 cup shortening
after you cut the shortening into the dry mixture
you add 1/2 ice cold water
that has 1 egg stirred into it, with 1 tbsp vinegar.
Mix till doughy...yes that's a word...and roll 
out onto a floured board.
I used a biscuit cutter and cut out circles of dough and then placed
them in the canning jar.
Next added my apple pie filling...
topped with the crumb topping...
it looks like a french apple pie..
a little rustic looking
but delicious tasting!
I placed my jars into 13x9 pan for baking...I didn't want them
burning on the bottom.
It bakes down quite a bit...smells divine...tastes even better with a little whipped topping and of course
a cup of coffee!
Now just a quick egg tip that will help you save a great deal of time.
 We have an egg ranch and are always cooking with eggs! Because they are so fresh there is no air bubble inside the egg...which makes it easier to peel. An egg must be a couple of days old before there is a small air pocket inside to make peeling easier. So....my technique for quick removal of a hard boiled egg is this...
 Take a sharp knife and (whack) cut the egg in half....use a small teaspoon inside the shell and remove the egg from both halves.
 You can remove 12 hardboiled eggs in less than 1-2 minutes with my technique! No more frustrating peeling!

Thanks so much for coming by!

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Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love the simple apple pie recipe...I will have to give it a try...yummy

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

those little pies are adorable! thanks for the egg tip.

Visits With Mary said...

Love the apple pie in a canning jar, very unique and a great conversation piece. Also, thanks for the tip on peeling eggs, I'm anxious to give it a try...

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I have yet to try the pie in a jar...but they are beyond cute. If I had some girlfriends over for lunch and did that...they would flip for sure!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Debbie, thanks so much for stopping by my site and leaving such sweet comments. I wanted to come over and "visit" you too. I am soooo glad I did!... I love your blog!! So much to see and such great tips!! I am now following you; and I hope you will follow back! Many blessings to you!

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

How adorable! I will definately be trying this recipe. I saw a picture of a chicken, and a really cute apple pie recipe, and I knew I had to follow. Love your blog. Found you at Farmhouse Friday.

Ruth @ White Whimsy said...

I just love these little jars. I bought a box of them a few months ago to bake little pies in. I will have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.