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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

May 9, 2011

Please let me brag...please...

Hey everyone! I just have to brag for a moment....I'm a mother
what can I say....
 Our daughter, her brother (the graduate) our oldest son and his wonderful wife that he met at college!
My hubby and I met at college too even though we were both from S. California....
 I cried, got emotional...felt grateful...thankful.  We told our kids when they were young that we wanted them
to go to our college....just for a year...to see if it was a fit...if it wasn't then at least they had done what we asked.
 Well the two boys just graduated....I'm so proud...I'm surprised how emotional we both were at the graduation. The neatest thing is several people that we went to college with were there with their kids....who were graduating. We took so many pictures...it was a time for celebrating!

We hardly slept the whole time we were there...but it was wonderful....absolutely wonderful.
Two answered prayers...only one to go!


GardenOfDaisies said...

Definitely time for a big celebration!! You have every right to be a proud momma! Congratulations to your sons!!

Simple Home said...

Congratulations to your graduates, and to you and your husband too! What a wonderful accomplishment :-)