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April 30, 2011

Farm animals outside....and a few roosters inside...decor of course

HELPLESS....that's what they are...they fall, they can hardly get up by themselves..they get caught
in the fence...they need help getting out...a dog will wiggle and squirm till they get loose, but not a sheep. Oh no...they need a shepherd...only animal that has to have a human's help..especially when giving birth.

 /Funny how in the Bible God likens us to sheep....hmmmm....
not funny...not when you feed them everyday and see them wander around
waiting on you to water and feed them.
 The baby lamb above loves to stand on the hay bale...it's the only way she
can reach the hay because the big sheep block her way....
 Roosters inside...

 Roosters and pigeons outside in their pens...
we have to keep them inside something or they fly away and get
eaten  by COYOTES!



Janet said...

I love hearing about your farm life. Do you make cheese with the sheep's milk? We have coyotes also. Can't have outside cats or small dogs either!

Alana Jo said...

Don't I wish I had all those animals to take pics of. I'd be in hog heaven. lol.

Here is a pic I took at a local ranch the otherday. Hope you enjoy.

Alana Jo