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February 21, 2011

An unplanned friendship...and oh the snow!

Sundays are for church...usually...we woke up to this...and church was canceled because
no one could get out their driveways! This isn't Michigan...we don't have 4 wheel drive, or chains...we couldn't get out the driveway.
 Normally I get my music together and have a worship team practice before church but not today....

 and of course the sheep wait till Sunday mornings when we are dressed for church to give birth! hahaha...when it snows we now joke that the sheep will have lambs this morning. Never fails.  See the one nursing in the background....very sweet.

 Even the sheep had a snowfight! 
   We have had the joy of taking pictures of our kids together.
 Her son and my daughter became sweethearts as freshmen in high school. Little did we know we would become such good friends.  I can still hear her laughing at all the stories the kids would tell us of their funny dates. Usually a great son means there is a great mother in the family. Our daughter's boyfriend is a jewel...and so are his parents.
 Then we had the joy of taking our kids back to college in Tulsa, Oral Roberts University.
 My daughter was blessed to get a soccer scholarship there.  What a blessing to be there all of us together.  My friend was suffering from breast cancer and it was a miracle that she was even able to walk around the campus.  I felt blessed to be there with her. We were grateful to leave our kids there...it has been an incredible journey. 

All of our family will deeply miss you Kathie.  She is safe in my Savior's arms.  Love you.
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." Psalm 116:15


K-Sue said...

What a sweet testimony of a sweet lady. I am sorry for your loss, but she isn't really lost, is she?

Angela said...

Love the pictures of the snow. Your house is so pretty with all the white stuff in front. And the sheep are so sweet. Sorry about your friend. It's nice to know she is in a much better place, yet our hearts ache when we loose a loved one. Have a blessed evening.

Simple Home said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend Kathy. What a sweet tribute to your love for her.
The snow is beautiful. We had snow yesterday too, but not as much as you did!

Weltha said...

This is a lovely blog--and you know how sincerely I do love your sheep--they are so emblematic of us as believers.

And your tribute to Kathie is very precious--earth's loss, heaven's gain. Heaven becomes dearer to us when it's the home of those we love.


vi said...

those are TUNIS!!!! i had tunis sheep,they are the best