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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

February 16, 2011

LIttle bit of our kitchen

Hey everyone! It is cold and rainy here...finally. Everyone was complaining
about snow and we had clear skies! But no more!!!
We have been cooking quite a bit with my parents living with us...we don't
eat out too much because they aren't able to get out.  So we
have been cooking, baking, etc.
To be honest I have enjoyed all this cooking. 
 The only problem with lots of cooking...is lots of dishes! hahaha...but I put my favorite Joyce Meyer CD in ....she loves to talk about doing things unto the Lord no matter what it is....with a good attitude no less!
Ouch....she always says stuff that gets to me about my attitude....so I try to sing while I'm washing dishes...or hummmm something happy! Otherwise I find myself mumbling....big smile....
How is your attitude today?  hahahaha....just curious!
"God has shown you kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; He provides you with plenty of food and FILLS YOUR HEARTS WITH JOY!"  Acts 14:17


At Home With Amy said...

Very uplifting post Debbie. I think it is wonderful that you have your mom and dad so close. We never had my parents living with us but they lived in their own home sharing the same yard with us.

Here I always thought it was my less than perfect attitude Joyce was talking about in some of her teachings! Geesh glad I now know it was yours!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love Joyce Meyers. She always nails me too. I try to say thank you, but sometimes it stings a little. Love your attitude and your kitchen looks wonderful. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

Simple Home said...

Amy said what I was thinking Debbie...very uplifting! You are a wonderful daughter. I pray for you and your parents often :-) Sorry I have so much trouble leaving comments on your site. I've never figured it out.

Sherry Hicks said...

I was just taking out the trash in my sleep clothes running with a bunch of junk to not miss the garbage truck and looking at my dishes from last night still in sink........ummmmmm gross I know. not so glamourous hugh? yes with more family and more love comes well more house chores.........so I thought about all the living and loving that brought that mess.and then I read your post! Have a wonderful rest of your day!!

K-Sue said...

Great reminder. And in our house, we have a saying we picked up from a little plaque at a B&B years ago - "No woman ever shot a man while he was doing the dishes."