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January 13, 2011

Red and White Enamelware and more

Well hello everyone!  I'm so relieved...my dad just had surgery and is doing very well.
My mom and I have been the nurses...she is a real one...I just
pretend...until there is blood.
That is where I usually pass out! hahaha...and I'm not kidding!
 I've redone a few things in my kitchen using things I already have.  I use a great deal of red and white enamelware in my everyday food preparation and cooking. I just love it.

 Awwwww so sweet....a little sweetness in the kitchen as well.


Margie said...

i have a collection of red and white enamelware too, and i just LOVE it ... there's just something about it ... and it always looks lovely in the kitchen!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Hi Debbie, I'm so happy your father is on the road to recovery!

Love your red and white enamelware! Especialy that cute pitcher!


Sunny Simple Life said...

I love red and white anything. Your blog always is so lovely to visit.

Weltha said...

OH, I didn't realize your father had surgery. I know you and Mr. Busy have been...busy. REALLY BUSY. Talked to your cousin today. And I love your wonderful blog...and I love its new look.