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September 12, 2010

Crow Canisters

Well hello everyone! I just finished decorating our home for the fall...and I love pulling things out of the tubs that I had forgotten about! It is like a little burst of happiness when you pull something out and think..."yeah now I remember that!"
!I made crow cannisters last year and I love them!
I bought several crows at Michael's and glass jars at Walmart...but you could use what you have!
Spray painted all the lids black, hot glued spanish moss on top and then the crow.

I also used shredded newspaper on some...

I made a crow label and printed it off on cardstock.

All I did for the label was find a

shape in Micro soft~oval~then spelled crow inside of it. Printed it off...cut it out...then I used a strong coffee, cinnamon mixture and painted it a couple of times.

Decoupaged it to the glass jar...

and voila~! I also decoupage one of those cheapy deapy metal(ugly) trays you find at the thrift store to go along with the black theme that was goin' on!

Here is the tray when I spray painted the edges! Who comes up with these designs?

Anyhoo...I think I will make a few more! Also...I have spray painted birds, whether they have feathers or they are made out of resin...they can all be spray painted black!

Joining along with Met. Monday over at Susan's incredible blog! See you over there for lots of inspiration!




Denise said...

UNCLE! I give! Your craftiness is SSSOOOO completely beyond my imagination. I stand in awe of you!
Smiles - Denise

Crows, Suds and Cinnamon said...

Love the jars, very clever! Also like the new look to your blog. Enjoy coming here and reading what you will make next. I am also in So. Cal, actually in the Inland Empire. Nice to have prim ladies that close by!

Entertaining Women said...

This would be a darling project to make party favors for a luncheon table. Thanks for sharing your charming idea. Cherry Kay

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love your jars. They are just cute. What a great idea and putting the crows on top is so cute. Now these are great cloches too. I just can't wait to see what you do for the party. I got a huge kick out of the makeup and the paint roller. lol I always put mine on with a putty knife. lol Hugs, Marty

xinex said...

You are very creative! The jars are pretty neat..Christine

PCovi said...

These are great!!! I don't usually do Halloween but I might have to this time.

Denise Marie said...

love the decor and project!!