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August 26, 2010

Red and Yellow quilt blocks

Hello everyone...it is hot here...113 yesterday! You will find me near the cooler with ice tea!
One of my favorite colors is red...and I like yellow too.

Recently I went on Ebay (you know you are headed for trouble when you tell yourself..."I will just look!" Buwahahaha But I found something I just love! Quilt blocks!

Red and yellow...already appliqued! Wow...the hard part has been done. All I have to do is sew these babies together...How stinkin' easy is this? I'm lovin' it. They weren't very much...I honestly don't remember how much now but I think it made my mouth drop open they were so little....YIpeee!
"Oil up the sewing machine....she'll be hummin' soon..."
I love the sound of a sewing machine moving along at full speed!


Melanie said...

Looks like a quilt block my granmother would make--- beautiful.

Blondie's Journal said...

I can't wait to see what you make, Debbie. I'm sure it will be beautiful!! I wish I could sew...I have a brand new machine and can't even figure out how to thread it!!

Try to stay cool, we have finally gotten down to the low 80's! :-)


raggygirlvintage said...

Can't wait to see it all sewn up!! I love making quilts, they are so much fun and become treasures.
Thanks for visiting!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Ebay is trouble!! I always "watch" the things I think I want and then forget about them!

I love red and yellow too. Those quilt blocks are so cute! Can't wait to see how you use them!