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June 8, 2010

Poopsie and Mouse situation under control!

Woops....anythooo....poopsie has come home from college and we are all happy about that. She is redecorating her room. I was at the Dr. yesterday with parents and she kept calling me asking me where the glue gun was, the hammer, did I have scrapbook stickers...where was the black spray paint...oh my. I am posting Friday night all the cuteness she created.

I was really proud of her the creations she made...frames and decor for her room. All the sudden she has become crafty.....hmmmm?

This is her with one of her closest friends....sorry about the sideways photos...what is with that?
We also had our roof taken off...the farmhouse needed a new roof in the worst way.

My parents addition on the right is finally done and they have moved in...we aren't done but at least they are with us. We have moved upstairs and have given them our bedroom and the master bathroom. The addition you see is their living room and kitchen downstairs, upstairs is a master bathroom with closets for us. The upstairs has been 2 large bedrooms that our boys used...very small closets and one little toilet in a room. So we have redone that and I will post photos soon. The house is old, and their seemed to be more damage upstairs than we realized.
We also got 2 litters of kittens....because of the mouse situation! Oh my!
It is a beautiful day isn't it?


Blondie's Journal said...

Hmmmm...wonder where your daughter gets those crafty genes from!

I'm happy to hear that your mom and dad are settled. That must be such a great feeling. You did good, Debbie!

The kitties are adorable. Are you going to give them away?


Darlene said...

AWWWWW the kitties are just too precious!!! Hopefully they will help you with the mouse situation. Mine never have, whenever we have had a mouse they just try to play with it....I think they think...YAY a live moving toy!!!

It's good that you have gotten your Mom and Dad settled into the addition. It is going to be a huge peace of mind for you to be right there with them for whatever they need.

Your daughter (and her friend) is just so beautiful! I can't wait to see her crafty things she made.

Denise Marie said...

Girl, ya'll ain't got nothin' going on do ya?? lol

Simple Home said...

Your daughter is so pretty, and I know where she learned all of her crafting ;-)
Loved the kittens, I've been wanting another kitten, but my hubby says no more pets.
I look forward to seeing your room photos, and I'm glad your parents are all settled in.

sanjeet said...

It is going to be a huge peace of mind for you to be right there with them for whatever they need.
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