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May 24, 2010

I was chased I tell you....chased by a mouse!

I was chased by this hugomongo thing! We had company...
all these college kids staying with us...
I was mortified.
We live in a farmhouse yes...and sometimes...on occasion there has been a critter loose in the house. One time a lizard...another time a sheep actually ran in...the door was open...the sheep were loose...and somehow it ran past my two boys 2 and 3 at the time and got in the house!
This furry thing however was huge...ok
not as big as a sheep but...
I couldn't afford to scream because of company, running through our legs, us jumping around...poopsie and I....like we were running on hot coals...
Yeah that was me...in high heels...
I finally got it with a broom...killed the monster...and swept it outside...the other one
was killed later. I was mortified, absolutely mortified....

On another note!
CEEKAY you won my pink Saturday giveaway! Ceekay is the sweetest gal...we met probably a year ago while blogging. Be sure to visit her and give her a shout out. YOu will enjoy her blog!
And Jane @http://blondiesjournals.blogspot.com/won last weeks giveaway...the Hope pillow that I made! Jane is a wonderful writer who draws you in to her lovely life with beautiful words and pictures. Ladies give me your snail mail address and I will send your gifts! Don't you love blogging and giving. So fun!
Debbie(story my have been a little embellished!)


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

EEEKKKK, I always say I would LOVE to live in the country but I do NOT like rodents!

But then our neighbor was having a problem with roof rats there for awhile so it doesn't really matter where you live!!!

I would have stayed on top of that chair all day, LOL


Nancy's Notes said...

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have had heart failure!

Hope you have a great day anyway!


Darlene said...

EEEEEEK....it is just so startling when one of them runs past you or OVER your foot!!!!!! Glad you got rid of it!!!

Congratulations to your winner.♥

At Home With Amy said...

I hate rodents too Debbie. How horrible for you. How would you feel if you opened your dishwasher and saw one of those buggers in there. Talk about a scare. My first thought was to turn the dish washer on. He must have known what I was thinking because he went back out the same way he came in. Caught him in a trap by nights end though!

Ann said...

Mice are my greatest fear, I'd rather see a snake. I've spent many hours atop of chairs or tables until someone with more nerve than me gets rid of it. I've never been able to conquer this one!!!! Happy Day to ya, glad their gone.

Diva Kreszl said...

oh my goodness he was HUGE! thank goodness you were able to slay the beast :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Debbie...I can't believe that I am getting something you actually made. You know I am such a fan of your sewing and crafts, lucky me!! I am sending you my address. Thank you so much.

And don't worry about the little critters, the sheep would have me standing on a chair!! ;-D


Olivia said...

AHHHHHHH Ha Ha this is soooo funny! I love it and I am glad you are ok!

Anonymous said...

Oh My!! We had one in our kitchen a few years ago and had to set out a trap...wasn't more than on hour and we had him. Then last year, there was a family of four of them in the walls of my sewing room. Our Yorkie could hear them and it was driving her crazy. Hubby had to go up into the attic to set rodent killer food down in between the walls. No way did I want any mice in my sewing room!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

My big EEEKKK is a snake, I would have to move out!!!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Yikes - I can imagine! I'm not fond of rodents or snakes (don't see how some people would want them as pets).

Congrats to the winner!


Jennifer said...

how strange that you start off your blog with a religious quote about living in the country - but then make an attempt at a humorous story about killing a mouse. You would think one so religious would have compassion for ALL of God's creatures. I agree we don't want mice in our homes, but there are ways to keep them out - Sealing up your home better and not leaving out anything that attracts them may help. You can also humanely trap them and set them free elsewhere. There are ways to live in harmony with the creatures that share our planet without resorting to killing them.