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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

April 30, 2010

Rose Picture~Turned Shabby~Pink

Welcome to this beautiful Pink Saturday...I planned my post ahead of time because right now I am at my son and daughter-in-love's college graduation! Woo hoo!
I found this amazing picture of pink roses at Salvation Army and got it for 3-4 dollars. I decided I wanted to shabby it up a bit! So I covered the painting and taped it off and spray painted the frame white. I just love it and can't believe I found such a treasure. YOu
know every once in awhile you find something amazing and this was my wonderful find for this year!

I love it! I can't wait to find the right spot for it!

Playing along today with Pink Saturday and our wonderful hostess Beverly. Be sure to check out all the pink goodness at Beverly's blog! http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/



April 28, 2010

Make your own little White conservatory

Welcome everyone! I'm linking up with a few fun parties....


Please be sure to visit the Shabby Chic Cottage and see the other participants!


I recently saw in Country Living something similar to this made with glass frames and of course we have seen gorgeous ones on different blogs. So I decided to make a small one! I used little dollar frames from Michael's and hot glued them together. Spray painted them and then added
a little wood decorative embellishment.

I ended up using 4 rectangle and 2 square frames.

After it was glued together I laid it on chicken wire to measure it. Cut it with wire cutters and pushed it up into the little house. The great thing is it just stayed up in there and didn't have to be glued or anything!

This is what it looked like right after I hot glued it together. I am sure it is not real sturdy but It won't be played with!

Thanks for looking and coming by. If you have any questions you can email me....



Also have you checked out Amy's blog and her stitchalong...which I think everyone would enjoy getting involved with...see here
and then take a look at my post...here...I've jumped on

April 27, 2010

Farmhouse Shades of White

Welcome again...I tried to take some pictures around our house and property to show you a little bit of our rural whites. Below is something I made out of white frames and chicken wire...I will post the directions on Thursday! Boy do I love me a good glue gun project...
Woops...one of the girls got out of the chicken barn and went searching for bugs up by my flower bed next to the picket fence!

Still searching!

Getting ready to plant my old bathtub with white flowers...I love it when they spill over the side. I haven't planted yet because we just had snow 4 days ago!

We have Tunis sheep...brought over by Thomas Jefferson (hubby is quite proud of this!) hahaha...

Racing pigeons...that come back to the pen by themselves. They look like doves...so we can release them at weddings and they will come back to their pen on their own...instead of flying away like doves and never returning!

Pots are just waiting to be filled with beautiful flowers!

Thank you sooooo much for coming by and having a neighborly visit!
"He will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on Him." Isaiah 26:3

April 26, 2010

New Barn

I bought a new little barn at Michaels the other day and painted her red!
The farm animals were not terribly impressed...no one got up to go take a look....

They acted so disinterested....the girl's just pecked at some bugs, looked up and then cackled that they weren't impressed....

Yep...that's what is happening around here!

April 23, 2010

Stitch With Us~Counting our Blessings....

This week has been amazing...my mother has had surgery, total knee replacement. It went very well...I got a little stressed out with trying to paint, move things in our house to get ready for my parents moving in and started having serious chest pains Sunday morning. I lead worship at church and have to be there by a certain time to practice...was starting to get so stressed and hubby stepped in. Canceled music/Sunday for me and off we went to the hospital...after a day and a night it was decided there were no heart problems just alot of stress, too much lifting and painting and probably pulled and strained muscles, torn ligaments...etc.

My mother bless her heart went ahead with surgery, my husband told her I wasn't feeling well...and she bought it(didn't want to stress her out right before surgery)...oh my...he is my hero. So I'm taking it easy...and we are paying someone to paint which just gets me to no end....that is like painting someone to spray paint for me...I'm thinking you have got to be kidding!
So in order to 'MAKE MYSELF TAKE IT EASY' I have started a new stitching project, below you will see where the inspiration hit me, be careful~IT MAY HIT YOU! bIG SMILE!!

...a new project....one where I have to sit down to stitch...you know....relax!!!!

Got out all the thread, fabric, and needles
Should I start with turquoise? Red, greens, blues?

Amy who is very talented started a stitchery with little one inch squares...take a peek here http://countedblessingsproject.blogspot.com/
She is stitching little squares that represent things she loves and is blessed by. What a great idea! So if you would like to join in go there quickly...it looks easy and so much fun...


Go take a look at what everyone else has done so far, and remember
Anyone can play along...
Decide and write down the things that you enjoy and are blessed by and then start
small...stitch a little here...doesn't have to be fancy. I wrote down 40 things so far that I love or have blogged about in the past year. If you think 'I can't draw or cross stitch or embroidery'...I would say "Oh yes you can!" Type in at google...vintage embroidery patterns, or free cross stitch patterns. If you see something you like you could use a bit or piece of the design for one of your squares. Of course you want to be original, but start with an easy design and incorporate it in to one of your squares....

I even started a new blog to just focus on the stitching/blessings project! Take a look when you have a chance...you may get inspired. http://countyourfarmhouseblessings.blogspot.com

I love this idea also for a baby blessings sampler, wedding sampler, anniversary sampler...wow...the ideas are endless.

How about for a teenager (pink and black) or kids (red, blues and greens) or a shabby friend, do a small sampler with pale pastels....

Come stitch with us!



April 16, 2010

A Pink Bonanza~Pinkalicious!

Above is a pink and chocolate brown appliqued quilt that I AM STILL WORKING ON....YIKES....
HEY EVERYONE! Of course it is time for all Pink Bloggers to come together and enjoy all the pinkalicious fun! Our wonderful Hostess with the Mostest is Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound! I decided to do a pink bonanza~ several of my pink posts all wrapped up together! Here ya go!

Below is an appliqued quilt of bunnies and cabbages that I made....it still needs binding put on....

A little outdoor dining with my hand painted rose dishes that my husband's grandmother painted for us....when we got married.

Below is a Pottery Barn Style bulletin board I made using scrapbook paper and board trim that I painted black...the papers were just tacked on the wall. My daughter added the lights!

Below are little watermelons that I sewed together and then painted....love them....

Decoupaged tray ~spray painted black first and then decoupaged...took about 30 minutes.

Next....I took artist canvases and just hot glued fabric on to them...added ruffles, rick rack and a flower...this hides my stereo in my craft room!

Glue stick, and scrapbook paper was all it took to cover some file folders.

I've been blogging a little over 2 years and boy do I love it.
I even have hubby helping me now...."Pull over now...I've got to take this picture." "But honey I have to stop at Michaels....I just need this one thing (giggle giggle)."
So to celebrate my 600 (wowzers) post I will
be having an enormous giveaway on May 1st (my son's college
graduation day...and his lovely wife too)....
So be sure to come back by, mark it down...it will be big.

"Though your beginning was small, your last days will greatly increase and be so much better." Job 8:7